Yankees Perspectives - November 12

·         The manager search has been a much slower process than I ever imagined.  I am glad the process is being taken so seriously and is seemingly so through.  I am, of course, eager to see where the Yankees go with this.  There have been so many rumors and names bandied about that it is very hard to get a read at who the Yankees manager will end up being.  Early in the process I argued for Tony Pena to be the new manager, but, at this moment, his name has not come to the forefront.  Outside of Pena, I’d like to see the manager be Rob Thomson.  I’d like the manager to be someone familiar with the system though I would also prefer a person who has successfully managed previously.

·         The Silver Slugger Awards were announced earlier this week.  It was great to see Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez recognized.  The last Yankee to win the Silver Slugger was… Brian McCann. He won the award in 2015.  (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.)  The last time the Yankees had two players win the Silver Slugger in the same year was back in 2012 when Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter both won the award. 

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·         The Silver Slugger Award has been awarded since 1980.  In one season, the Yankees had four players earn the Silver Slugger Award.  Four!  Can you name the year and the players?  (Answer below.)

·         When was the last time the Yankees went into the off-season having so few question marks for the next season?  One quick look around the diamond seems to indicate that almost every position is set.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Opening Day line-up the was comprised of the following:  Greg Bird (1b), Starlin Castro (2b), Didi Gregorius (ss), Chase Headley (3b), Brett Gardner (lf), Aaron Hicks (cf), Aaron Judge (rf), and Gary Sanchez (c). 

·         The starting rotation also seems to be basically set.  The top four pitchers are easy to predict.  The only question is whether C.C. Sabathia will be the #5 pitcher.  If it’s not C.C., it would most likely be Chance Adams or…

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·         I hope the Yankees go all in on acquiring Shohei  Otani.  I am a believer that whenever a big talent becomes available, the Yankees need to be involved in the process.  This one is a no-brainer because Otani will not command a huge salary.  Watching Otani pitching and hitting, and establishing a new paradigm, would be awesome.  I want to see that paradigm established with Otani in a Yankees uniform. 

·         I fully expect the Yankees to take on a lot of salary and trade Jacoby Ellsbury this off-season.  I also don’t think the Yankees will walk away with anything of note in the trade.  If I was Ellsbury, I would be ready to leave New York – it is apparent that this is no starting role for him with this team. 

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·         Trivia Question Answer:  The year the Yankees had four players who earned the Silver Slugger Award was 1985.  The four players were Don Mattingly (1b), Rickey Henderson (of), Dave Winfield (of), and Don Baylor (dh).