Be Careful What You Wish For...

There was a team in New York.  This team had a long time “manager.”  In fact, much of this man’s time as “manager” coincided with the years that Joe Girardi was managing the Yankees.

This “manager” won his sport’s ultimate prize two times (in 2007 and 2011).  Girardi won his sport's biggest prize only once (2009).

As this “manager’s” time in New York continued, there was discussion that he was not communicating as well with his players.  There was the growing belief that maybe this “manager’s” time had come. 

After a series of disappointing seasons (three losing seasons in a row, in fact), this “manager” was not brought back.

The man brought in to manage the new team was a young coach, a brilliant mind, a believer in new ways to prepare and evaluate a team…

Success seemed all but certain!!!


The analogy isn’t perfect… but the results from the above story should give all Yankees fans pause.

After the 2015 season, Tom Coughlin was not invited back to coach the New York Giants.  It was said that Coughlin’s time had passed.  It was said that he didn’t connect with players as he had done in the past.  (As I recall, there were even discussions about the fact that he didn’t challenge – or ask for replays - on enough plays.  Did the Giants lose a game because Coughlin failed to throw the challenge flag?)

To be fair, Tom Coughlin’s Giants had under-performed the previous three seasons – missing the playoffs every season after the 2011 Super Bowl.  (In comparison, Joe Girardi’s teams over-performed according to expectations, especially in 2017.)

But, this morning, the New York Football Giants have a record of one win and seven loses.  Today’s tabloids are calling for Ben McAdoo to be fired immediately.  He’s been the coach for less than two seasons…

This isn’t to say that Ben McAdoo isn’t a good coach.  (I don’t know enough about football to make a claim one way or the other.)  But I do know that Ben McAdoo represents a lot of the “new” thinking that we hear is the direction the Yankees plan to go with their new manager:

-          Young

-          Inexperienced

-          A New Thinker

-          Will Relate Better to His Players

It should give us pause...

Sometimes the brilliant new direction doesn’t lead to the path that everyone hoped and thought it would.