You Are the GM (+ Contest Rules)

In order to help the off-season pass more quickly, and to engage our terrific readers in a fun activity, we will be running a new feature called, "You are the GM."

The premise is simple, we will post a real or hypothetical decision that the Yankees General Manager has to make this winter.  We will then ask the readers to use the "Comments" section to share their thoughts on this decision. 

(Note - comments must be appropriate for readers of all ages.  Any comment deemed inappropriate by our moderator will be removed.)

This will be a fun way to engage each other in Yankees dialogue, analysis, and decision making.  We also hope this will help the off season pass a little more quickly.

To add a second layer of fun to the process, we are going to make this into a contest.  

In addition to submitting comments, we're going to ask our readers to also rate the comments that have been posted.  At the end of each person's comments are little arrows - one pointing up and the other pointing down.  We will ask that readers who agree with a particular point of view, acknowledge their agreement by clicking the Up arrow.  

At the end of a specified period of time, the person with the most UP arrows will win that "decision."  As an added bonus, any person who correctly predicts the actual decision the Yankees make (during that same period of time) will earn a bonus of five Up arrows.  (Please note, DOWN arrows will not count in the total nor will they be subtracted from the UP arrow total.)

We will post and maintain a standings board for the contestants.  

Over the off-season, we will post a series of "You are the GM" decisions.  The reader who wins the most contests (not reader with the most total UP arrows) will earn a special and (somewhat) rare collectible.  

It takes a great deal of courage to be a General Manager.  The winner of our "You are the GM" series will take home an original copy of Mickey Mantle's paperback book, The Quality of Courage (see below).  We will mail this prize to the winner at the conclusion of the contest.  

12/1/17 UPDATE - Unfortunately, when we switched our domain web address, all the old comments were lost.  But, I would still like to give away the book "The Quality of Courage" by Mickey Mantle.  Instead of a contest, we will do this through a random drawing.  Using the Contact form above, please reach out to us stating that you'd like to be entered into the Quality of Courage Drawing.  We will draw from all of the entries received on December 16.  One entry per reader, please.  (The deadline to enter will be 5:00 p.m. on December 15.)

Post your questions about the contest in the comments below and stay tuned - later today - for the first feature of "You are the GM."


This copy of The Quality of Courage, a 6th printing (from 1965) is the actual one that will be sent to the winner.

This copy of The Quality of Courage, a 6th printing (from 1965) is the actual one that will be sent to the winner.