Brian Cashman WFAN Interview Quotes and Thoughts:

Earlier today, Brian Cashman sat down for an interview on the WFAN 660AM/101.9 FM New York radio station with Carlin, Bart, and Maggie. A couple reporters, mainly Brendan Kuty, were listening in and got some quotes from the Yankees GM about his plans for the rest of the offseason.

Cashman on the Luxury Tax and Ellsbury:

After hearing this, it can be confirmed that Cashman's main goal is to get under the luxury tax for the 2018 season. With recent rumors that the Yankees are willing to eat at least 50% of Ellsbury's contract, one can only assume that Jacoby Ellsbury is Cashman's main idea for clearing cap space.

Cashman on Gleyber Torres and the Infield:

Personally, I think this is Cashman's way of saying that if Gleyber is hitting something like his 2016 Arizona Fall League Numbers of .403/.513/.645 (or better) out of spring training then Torres will be starting the year with the Yankees. Obviously, this makes sense, but I believe Cashman worded this like he did so that he could stash Gleyber in Scranton for an extra 3/4 weeks for that extra year of control.

It will also be interesting to see how the Yankees split up the 2B playing time between Torres, Wade, and Estrada due to his second comments about the Spring Training roster.

Cashman on Internal Starting Pitching Options:

RiverAveBlues earlier today posted their thoughts on the current SP depth chart, and it looks like Cashman's ideal depth pitchers are Cessa, and German due to their inclusion on the 40-man roster. This isn't to say that Chance Adams is bad and the reasoning behind not bringing him up due to the limited availability of space on the 40 man makes perfect sense to me. Personally, I can only imagine he'll be up at some point- as the Yankees used 11 starting pitchers last year- but a long-term 60 Day DL injury seems like the best chance for Adams right now (pun not intended).

Cashman on External Starting Pitching Options:

To me, this sounds like great news. Cashman wouldn't be toying with keeping the rotation as-is or adding pieces if it wasn't possible or wasn't necessary. The current rotation of Severino-Tanaka-Gray-Sabathia-Montgomery (in whatever order) is top of the line, and should be top 5 in the majors next year. Severino and Tanaka are both potential aces, Gray is a low #1/high #2, Sabathia is a solid pitcher, and Montgomery (in a year without Judge) could've made a case for the ROY.

Also, the idea of adding Darvish to the rotation and going with a 6-man rotation makes me only hope more and more that Cashman can find a way to rid this team of Ellsbury. Likewise, Michael Kay just reported that the Yankees had offered Darvish a 7/$160M offer (@RealDanFederico), but pulled it back.

Cashman on Ohtani and Jeter:

Just some final thoughts from Cashman's interview. Obviously, the Yankees were all-in for Ohtani and the trades with international money made that clear. It's also cool to see that Cashman and Jeter text...only thing left to wonder is if that is how they worked through the Stanton deal.