Yankees Sign Contracts Through Arbitration With All 8 Players

Friday, December 12th, at 1PM was the deadline to exchange salary figures between the Yankees and the 8 players who were arbitration eligible for the 2018 season (in order of most to least years): Adam Warren (3), Didi Gregorius (3*), Dellin Betances (2), Sonny Gray (2), Austin Romine (2), Aaron Hicks (2), Tommy Khanle (1), and Chasen Shreve (1*). Both Didi Gregorius and Chasen Shreve are going through the system as a Super Two.

MLB Trade Rumors had projected that the total amount for all eight players would be $29.4 Million. Time to see how they did:

Adam Warren:

MLBTR Projection - $3,100,000; Actual Salary - $3,315,000; Difference: -$205,000

Didi Gregorius:

MLBTR Projection: $9,000,000; Actual Salary: $8,250,000; Difference: +$750,000

Dellin Betances:

MLBTR Projection: $4,400,000; Actual Salary: $5,100,000; Difference: -$700,000

Sonny Gray:

MLBTR Projection: $6,600,000; Actual Salary: $6,500,000; Difference: +$100,000

Austin Romine:

MLBTR Projection: $1,200,000; Actual Salary: $1,100,000; Difference: +$100,000

Aaron Hicks:

MLBTR Projection: $2,900,000; Actual Salary: $2,825,000; Difference: +$75,000

Tommy Khanle:

MLBTR Projection: $1,300,000; Actual Salary: $1,312,500; Difference: -$12,500

Chasen Shreve:

MLBTR Projection: $900,000; Actual Salary: $825,000; Difference: +$75,000

All in all, the guys at MLBTR projected that the total Yankees arbitration salaries would sum to $29,400,000.

The actual current amount has been $29,227,500. If he was to sign a contract at their projections, they would have been off by only $172,500, which is absolutely insane.

To put that in other words, that difference of $172,500 between the projection and actual amount would be calculated to 0.59% off, or 99.41% accurate.

Congrats to them, and congrats to the Yankees for signing everybody important so far.