Darvish To The Cubs (updated)

Yu Darvish is going to the Chicago Cubs:

Some perspectives:

I understand all about the luxury tax.  I understand that the Yankees will get to re-set the penalties if they stay under the tax this year.  I understand that $21 million is a super high price and that the Yankees need to save room under the cap for in-season additions.  I get all of that.  I also understand that six years is a long time for Darvish - considering his age and injury history.  There is a good likelihood that the Cubs will be regretting this deal in four years - or even sooner.

Still... I also understand that the Yankees themselves have indicated all off-season that THEY feel they need one more front-line starting pitcher.  Here was one they could have had.

The Yankees are a team that makes money.  They seem to literally print money.  There have been many reports this winter that the Yankees are selling tickets at an amazing rate.  I believe the last reported number was that the Yankees sold over 550,000 more tickets than last year.  That's a lot of money.  In addition, those sales indicate that there is a fan base that is excited for 2018 and is looking forward to a winning season and a trip to the postseason.  

There is a chart going around the Internet that I have not previously published or linked to because I cannot verify its accuracy or legitimacy.  BUT, if that chart is accurate, it indicates that the Yankees spent only 36.71% of their revenue on payroll in 2017.  If that chart is true, the Yankees placed 23rd out of 30 teams in MLB as far as investing revenue into payroll.  Maybe the chart is fake.  I don't know.  Even without that chart, I just seems that the Yankees have the financial strength to do whatever they need to do to make the 2018 team the best it can be.  

I understand the luxury tax.  I understand that fans want everything.  I also believe, as the Yankees do, that the team needs another starting pitcher.  The best of that bunch who was available is no longer available.

I believe that when you have a team that seems primed for greatness, you have to go for it - full steam ahead.  I hope the Yankees feel the same way.  There is an excited fan base out there.  A great way to deflate that excitement is to see the team play just well enough to miss the playoffs or to be that one piece away from dominating...

I hope they have a Plan B or Plan C in place to get the starting pitcher they need...