Yankees Perspectives - March 13, 2018

The Blog - I love to write.  I especially love to write about the Yankees.  That is, of course, why I have this blog.  Blogging allows me to share my passion of writing and the Yankees with fans like you.  It's great.  Our following is growing by leaps and bounds.  The feedback the site has received has been very positive.  People like what we're doing here at Start Spreading the News.  And it's great!  Thank YOU for sharing your passion with us.

The Disabled List - The Yankees have been very fortunate this spring.  The other day they staved off a huge potential injury when Tyler Wade rolled over on his wrist rather than breaking it.  At first glance, it looked as though Wade would out for a long time.  To date, the only injuries of significance have been to Jacoby Ellsbury (who does get injured a lot) and Clint Frazier.  Of these, the Frazier injury concerns me the most.  He suffered a concussion weeks ago and is still not able to resume most physical activities.  I truly believe that Clint Frazier has a great future in baseball.  His talents are many.  I feel very bad for Frazier because his time is now and he is sitting on the sidelines taking it day-by-day as he slowly recovers.  It must be very frustrating to be on the cusp and then have to take a huge step backwards, or at least sideways.  I hope Clint Frazier knows that there are a lot of Yankees fans rooting for him.  I am glad he (and the Yankees) are taking it slowly, but I look forward to his return.

Neil Walker - Oh boy, do I love this signing.  I LOVE IT when the Yankees are all-in and going for it.  I assume Walker will slide into the starting second base job.  This pushes Brandon Drury to third base as part of a stellar infield.  Think of the POWER on this team.  There isn't a player to pitch to who can't hit the ball out of the ballpark.  Walker brings another veteran presence to a solid line-up.  Oh boy, 2018 is going to be fun!

HOMERS - Just for fun, I looked at the 2018 projections for the Yankees' starting line-up on baseball reference.com.  How's this for a team:  Greg Bird (14 homers), Neil Walker (17), Didi Gregorius (19), Brandon Drury (16), Brett Gardner (15), Aaron Hicks (14), Aaron Judge (37), Giancarlo Stanton (43), and Gary Sanchez (31).  WOW!  That's 206 home runs right there, and, to me at least, those projections seem low for many players.  I can easily see Bird, Walker, Gregorius, Drury, and Hicks out homering those projections.  Is it Opening Day yet?

A TRADE? - It seems possible that a trade could be on the horizon.  I like how the acquisitions of Drury and Walker allow the Yankees to give Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar the necessary time in the minors to fully refine their skills, but even outside of those guys, the Yankees have Tyler Wade and Ronald Torreyes who are going to battle for the reserve infielder spot.  Don't forget Thairo Estrada is on the rise.  Jace Peterson is also around.  That's a lot of similar players - and it's actually too many for the Majors and Triple-A.  In addition, since Neil Walker can play first base, that sort of makes Adam Lind redundant and it brings into question Tyler Austin's overall role with the team.  Depth is great to have, but this seems like a little too much in order to give the players the time they need.  I can see the Yankees dealing from strength here to make a trade - possibly for a starting pitcher.  I won't speculate on who or when it will happen, but I think we'll see the Walker signing lead to another move.