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2022 MLB Draft Signings and UDFA's!

Yesterday, the Yankees have announced that they have signed their top-5 picks in the 2022 MLB Draft as well as a few UDFA's!


MLB Draft Signings:

In the 2022 MLB Draft, there were 20 rounds (not including an additional 2 competitive balance rounds and 2 compensation rounds), during which the New York Yankees had a total of 20 picks, or one per round. As it goes, the Yankees drafted the following 20 players:

  1. Spencer Jones (OF) - Vanderbilt

  2. Drew Thorpe (P) - Cal Poly

  3. Trystan Vrieling (P) - Gonzaga

  4. Anthony Hall (OF) - Oregon

  5. Eric Reyzelman (P) - LSU

  6. Chase Hampton (P) - Texas Tech

  7. Cam Schlittler (P) - Northeastern

  8. Brett Barrera (SS) - Stanford

  9. Matt Keating (P) - USC

  10. Will Brian (P) - Eastern Kentucky

  11. Ryan Harvey (P) - UC Santa Barbara

  12. Jackson Fristoe (P) - Mississippi State

  13. Geoffrey Gilbert (P) - Clemson

  14. Kris Bow (P) - College of Southern Nevada

  15. Tayler Aguilar (OF) - Grand Canyon University

  16. Shane Gray (P) - Evansville

  17. Hayden Merda (P) - Azusa Pacific University

  18. Sebastian Keane (P) - Northeastern

  19. Beau Brewer (3B) - Paris JC

  20. Trevor Kirk (P) - Elon University

From those 20 players, the New York Yankees have already officially announced that they have signed each of their top-5 draft picks, as well as their 11th round draft pick. This is how much they have each gotten:

  • Spencer Jones (1st round) - $2,880,000

  • Drew Thorpe (2nd round) - $1,190,000

  • Trystan Vrieling (3rd round) - $611,400

  • Anthony Hall (4th round) - $456,500

  • Eric Reyzelman (5th round) - $340,700

  • ---

  • Ryan Harvey (11th round) - $250,000

For each of the top-5 draft picks, the Yankees signed them to bonuses that were equal with the value of the draft slot. Ryan Harvey was signed to an over-slot value (as every pick in the 11th-20th round had no assigned value).

The Yankees have a total draft bonus pool of $6,428,600. As of now (with the 6th-10th round players not yet signed), they have used $5,728,600 of that money. They can spend up to $6,750,030 (while paying a 75% luxury tax on the additional $321,430) before any draft-pick penalties are applied. Additionally, if a player in the 6th-10th round does not sign, the slot value of that pick is removed from the bonus pool. The following are the bonus figures for the 6th-10th rounds:

  • 6th round - $264,000

  • 7th round - $207,500

  • 8th round - $172,300

  • 9th round - $158,000

  • 10th round - $149,800

In addition, the Yankees have signed 6 additional undrafted free-agents. These are the following players (thanks to Eli Fishman for this information; tweet below):

  • Alex Bustamante (RHP) - New Mexico State

  • Jackson Lyon (OF) - Cal State Fullerton

  • Hueston Morrill (INF/RHP) - Oklahoma State

  • Kevin Stevens (RHP) - Rio Grande Valley

  • Adam Stone (RHP) - Harvard

  • Baron Stuart (RHP) - Pittsburgh

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Jul 26, 2022

outfielders, pitchers and more pitchers.

drafting late in the rounds for the domestic draft, as usual, we can expect the Yankees to shoot for the stars in the international draft, which is far less regimented.

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