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2024 Yankees = $7,500,000,000

by Paul Semendinger

April 23, 2024


Here are some highlights.

  1. The Yankees are still baseball's most valuable franchise.

  2. The Yankees, according to Forbes, are worth $7.5 billion.

  3. The next closest team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, are not even in the Yankees' universe. They are worth a little more than TWO BILLION dollars less then the Yankees (at $5.45 billion dollars).

  4. The third place team, the Boston Red Sox, are just about a billion dollars behind the Dodgers at $4.5 billion. (That means the Yankees are worth three BILLION dollars more than the Red Sox. Three billion dollars. )

  5. The Yankees have such a greater value than the other teams that if one combines the value of the fifth most valuable team (the San Francisco Giants, $3.8 billion) with that of the sixth most valuable team (the New York Mets, $3.0 billion), those two franchises together are not worth as much as the Yankees.

  6. The Yankees are worth more than the Pirates ($1.32 billion), Reds ($1.25), Rays ($1.25), Royals ($1.23), A's (1.2) and Marlins (1.0) - COMBINED. Those six franchises combined are worth $7.25 billion.

  7. Again, the gap between the Yankees and the rest of baseball is not close. The Yankees are in their own universe. And it's not even close.

Some thoughts:

  1. The Yankees have the financial strength to keep Juan Soto and acquire any (and every) other player that can be a difference maker. If the Yankees want or need a player, there is no reason they cannot get that player. At all.

  2. As an illustration of the TWO BILLION DOLLAR difference between the Yankees and the Dodgers... Two billion dollars is equal to paying 25 players $80 million dollars each. (In other words, just about an entire roster of players making double Aaron Judge's annual salary.)

  3. The difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox (in third place) is a 25-man roster comprised of each player making $120 million.

  4. Again, the Yankees' value is light years beyond the other teams.

  5. I am THRILLED the Yankees make so much money. Good for them. Great for them. I am happy the team I root for is so so so so valuable.

  6. But, the Yankees never, ever, ever have an excuse for saying, "We can't afford Player X" or "We need to be concerned about the luxury tax" and etc. Again, just to make up the two billion dollar difference between the Yankees and the Dodgers, the Yankees could pay each of the other 29 teams $68 million each and still have 28 million dollars left over.

  7. I can't stress this enough because I think this gets lost in these discussions... When one says, "The Yankees are worth 7.5 and the Dodgers are worth 5.45," the numbers seem close. Seven and five... no big deal. But it is a big deal because we are not talking about little old seven and little old five. We are talking billions of dollars. This is why I often write the numbers out. 7.5 billion simply does not look the same as 7,500,000,000 which is what we are talking about.

  8. Again, I am thrilled for the Yankees. It's nice to be the best. It's the best.

  9. Now I hope they use their financial might to make their team the best one in baseball year-in and year-out. (That's what the fans are paying so much to see.)



Alan B.
Alan B.
Apr 23

But what's the actual total net revenue? Remember, just because the value may be A, doesn't mean what the operating cashflow is.

Apr 23
Replying to

And don't forget that sweet, sweet patch money.


Apr 23

you continue to ignore the rather salient fact that the Yankees operate as part of a league.

rich and powerful as they are, hey DO NOT stand alone.

that they have the money to buy up the 20 best players is true

that they could actually go and do that is also possibly true

should they buy up all the top talent, that they would long be able to operate as a member, in good standing, of the league is doubtful.

we've seen the league amend the rules.

failing leagues want flagship teams in large markets to assume dynastic roles

healthy leagues seek parity

and the MLB has responded to a "Grabber" NYYankee owner by using rules to foster parity.


Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
Apr 23

If the Yankees have a hot prospect who can give the Yankees awesome offensive output AND field his position well, then it is wise to bring that prospect up rather than sign an expensive "big star" from another team. You need that balance in the payroll of superstars making megabucks, and homegrown players who provide excellent offense and defense, but are not in the league long enough to make the money that Aaron Judge is making now, and the money that Juan Soto will soon be getting. That is why I was thrilled that the Yankees passed on all of those tempting superstar shortstops that were all available via free agency a few years ago, and stuck with their pl…

Apr 23
Replying to

the Yankees are likely to always need to bring in FA starters given that starters are snapped up at the top of the first round of the draft while the Yankees usually draft late in the round


Apr 23

Paul Hal the beancounter Steinbrenner runs the richest team in baseball. If the Yanks are doing well there is absolutely no excuse to not add salary for a player who can put you over the top and finally reach the World Series and hopefully win it Everybody who loves the Yanks knows that if over the past years had Hal signed some of the generational talent that was availabie they would have at least the World Series. Let’s hope that this is the Year. One more thought George was one heck of a business man when he purchased the Yanks from CBS for what $10,000,000 , unbelievable

Apr 23
Replying to

Please read what I said . If the Yanks are doing well then add at the trade deadline

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