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A Great Communicator?

by Paul Semendinger

August 28, 2023


Throughout his tenure, people have said that Aaron Boone is a great communicator - that he relates well with his players.

That might be true, maybe, but if it is, it is something I (removed as a fan from the daily interactions of the team, of course) have not seen.

One would think that a manager would interact with his players during the game - that they'd talk about the game, about strategy, about... anything, but most often, almost always, it seems that whenever the television cameras show Aaron Boone in the dugout, he is alone.

It is rare to see him talking with any of his players or the coaches. To me, this belies the notion that Aaron Boone is a great (or even a good communicator) - at least during the games. In short, a great communicator wouldn't always be off in a corner of the dugout, alone.

I decided to put this theory to the test by checking the most extensive accessible clearinghouse of photographs of the Yankees - Getty Images. My theory being that these are archived photos taken during games which would give some indication or overview of a manager's habits and routines.

I went to the site, filtered the results by "Aaron Boone" and by date (March 31 through August 25, 2023) and 359 images came up (presumably all of the photos in Getty Images' archive of Aaron Boone and the 2023 season).

One would think that these photos would show a manager interacting with his players and coaches, especially since the team is struggling and he is the team's leader.

Instead, of those photographs, the following is what I found:

Boone Sitting Alone - 24 photos

Boone Walking Alone - 34 photos

Boone Standing Alone - 89 photos

Boone Mound Visits - 30 photos

Boone Blowing Bubbles - 9 photos

Boone Talking To A Player During A Game (non-Mound visit or "high five") - 5 photos

Boone Talking To A Coach During A Game - 0

Boone Arguing With An Umpire - 81 photos


The results of this informal survey of photographs seems to have supported my conclusion. During the games, at least, Aaron Boone, supposedly a great communicator, is often alone.

Now, granted, to be fair, this was not the most scientific study ever taken. To get the most accurate representation to test my theory, one would have to go through the game footage of every contest the Yankees played this year. I, obviously, did not do that.

Still, the vast majority of the photos shows the manager alone, or if he's with others it was to remove a pitcher or argue with an umpire. The arguing photos are plentiful. (I'll also state that when a manager argues with an umpire it creates numerous opportunities for photographers to capture a significant moment so it can be assumed that there would be a lot of those type of photos.)

But, still, in this random sampling, one thing was not present - the Yankees manager interacting with his players or coaches in any meaningful way during games - expect when he was in the process of taking a pitcher out of a game or congratulating a player after a game or a home run.

There are very few photos of the manager and a player or coach sitting together or standing together in the dugout during a game. The photo evidence seems to indicate that, at least during games, the manager seems removed from his players.


In the entire archive of Aaron Boone photographs on the Getty Images site, there are 3,690 photographs. I limited my detailed study to just the photographs from the 2023 season, but I welcome someone to catalogue all of the photos from Aaron Boone's tenure as Yankees manager from the site to test my results in even more detail. My cursory review of the thousands of photographs did not show anything significantly different from what the 2023 season seemed to show.

Again, this is just one small study. It does not, necessarily prove anything, but on the other hand, it might say a lot. The photographs seem to reflect the same feeling I get as I watch the games on television - the manager seems removed from the people around him.

It is possible that Aaron Boone is a fantastic communicator in the clubhouse and outside the ballpark. But the photo evidence I found doesn't seem to show that it's happening a lot during the games.

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Mike Whiteman
29 de ago. de 2023

You may be more spot on than you wish with your last point. The Athletic just did reporting of a few players, including Judge, in support of Boone.

Firing the manager when the captain and star player calls him “friend” may be awkward.

I was convinced Boone was a goner not that long ago. I still wouldn’t be surprised if he was fired after the season was over, but now I wouldn’t be stunned if he’s brought back for at least the beginning of his last year on his contract with a short leash.


28 de ago. de 2023

SNY Headline: Yankees Rumors: Aaron Boone Would Only Be Fired if Steinbrenner Overrules Cashman! Andy Martino and If his sources are dependable then Yankees have a problem or is this the PR Department working overtime? Name me another major market MLB team that would ignore the obvious and retain the manager after this year? Amazing display of Yankees being frozen in place.


Alan B.
Alan B.
28 de ago. de 2023

Aaron Boone was brought in to give some sort of legitimacy in the clubhouse to all the incoming analytical crap that was coming once Cashman got Girardi out of the way. Boone sold his dignity for the right to be called the New York Yankees manager.


28 de ago. de 2023

Paul a Manager is only as good as his players. Players make managers winners and players make managers losers. Winning masks a lot of problems. Losing usually brings out all the problems and an unhappy clubhouse, back stabbing etc. All I can say to date the Yankee clubhouse has been quiet. Draw your own conclusions


Andy Polizzi
Andy Polizzi
28 de ago. de 2023

Maybe someone can, for comparison purposes, do the same for a random few months of Girardi, Torre, and, of course, the best one, which would be Billy Martin. :-)

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
29 de ago. de 2023
Respondendo a

That being said, it doesn't seem, even in his own discussions about the players, that the communication happens much there as well. The Anthony Rizzo situation seems a case in point.

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