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About Last Night: Angels Sweep the Yankees

About Last Night: Angels Sweep the Yankees: Win 7-3

by Paul Semendinger

July 20, 2023


About Last Night:

The Angels came out swinging. They scored runs in the first, second, and third innings. The Yankees got some runs back, but in the end, it wasn't enough.

The Angels swept the Yankees in this three game series.

You know all the talk about how the Angels should be sellers because they're out of the race? The 2023 Yankees are 50-47.

The 2023 Angels are 49-48.

The Yankees are just one game better than the Angels this year.

(And for all the talk about Aaron Judge being injured and out of the lineup... so too was Mike Trout of the Angels.)

Not So Quick Stats (Prior to the Game):

Heading into last night's game, please note the following stats as an overview:

A) 29 games played, 92 at bats: .217 batting average, .333 on-base percentage

B) 29 games played, 109 at bats: .174 batting average, .216 on-base percentage

C) 23 games played, 76 at bats: .265 batting average, .342 on-base percentage

D) 15 games played, 56 at bats: .196 batting average, .237 on-base percentage

Which of the above is the outlier? It is obviously "C."

Those stats are Anthony Volpe's 2023 season by month.

A) is March/April

B) is May

C) is June

D) is July (before last night)

Now, I know there is a narrative that Volpe is coming around. It isn't really true. At all. Volpe had an eight-game stretch in June where he did remarkably well. I'll get to that in a moment. Before that hot streak, Volpe's June also wasn't good. From June 1 to June 24, Anthony Volpe batted .189.

All of the positive vibes about Volpe's 2023 season comes from an eight-game hot streak, from June 25 through July 3, when he went a remarkable 15-for-30. It looked like he was "back" or he had turned it around, or something...

Prior to that eight games, these were his season stats:

77 games, 254 at bats: .193 batting average, .275 on-base percentage

Since those eight games, Volpe has performed at these rates:

12 games, 45 at bats: 088 batting average, .148 on-base percentage (updated from last night's game)

I know. The Chicken Parm story was just so fun and so so so good. It wasn't real. Like so many of the narratives with the Yankees, for a long time now, it's just pretend. It's grasping at straws. It's hoping that the windmills are something they aren't. Anthony Volpe had an eight game hot streak where he was remarkable. It was nothing more than a small sample-size blip. The kid is overmatched.

As a point of reference...

In 1972, the Yankees had a rookie, who, from July 8 to July 15, an eight game span, batted .438 (14-for-32). He had people wondering if he was for real.... he wasn't. His name was Celerino Sanchez. His career was over by the end of the next season.

Anthony Volpe shouldn't be Celerino Sanchez, but we also shouldn't take an eight-game sample and assume it means anything more than it was - eight games.

If we take away that 30 at bat stretch, Anthony Volpe is batting just .177 on the season. This is the Yankees' Crown Jewel. This is the player they should be supporting, helping, growing, and nurturing... The Yankees are (supposedly) the experts. They're the ones who should know all of this - and yet, out of desperation, negligence, or whatever, they move this kid all around the lineup. They send mixed messages to the player they should be most supporting.

One only has to look at Volpe's stolen base totals to also see how the Yankees haven't been consistent. This was supposed to be part of Volpe's game that was going to electrify the team:

March/April - 8 stolen bases in 8 attempts

May - 5 stolen bases in 5 attempts

June - 3 stolen bases in 4 attempts

July - 0 stolen bases in one attempt

"Hey kid, you seem to be great at stealing bases... how about you stop doing that, ok?"

The way the Yankees have handled Anthony Volpe has been terrible. They have done a bad job with him. As I have written before, if Volpe doesn't make it, he'll be forgotten, quickly. Everyone will say, "The kid just didn't have it." If that happens, I'll always wonder how a different organization would have supported their young would-be star. I sense that Volpe could be thriving (or at least growing into becoming a solid big leaguer) in a different environment.

I have to ask, if this is the way the Yankees support their best young player if the current decision makers, from the top down, should be the ones overseeing the youth coming through the system today. It doesn't seem so.

It's time for a complete organizational change.


Noting all of the above, the Yankees batted Anthony Volpe fifth last night. Fifth! He went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts.

Quick Stats (From the Game):

  • Carlos Rodon (0-3): 4.1 innings, 4 hits, 5 walks, 6 runs

  • The Yankees pitchers allowed 11 walks.

  • Franchy Cordero: 3-for-4, double, homer, one rbi

  • In total, the Yankees struck out 16 times.

  • On this west coast trip to begin the second half, the Yankees went 1-5.

  • In July, the Yankees are 5-11.

  • Since June 1, the Yankees are 16-23.

The Big Story:

The Yankees gave this game away early. It went as follows:

Three Yankees struck out in the first inning. One batter (Gleyber Torres) had a single.

The Angels scored two runs in the first inning.

The Yankees had a double and a base running blunder, but no strikeouts, in the second inning.

The Angels scored two runs more in the second inning.

The Yankees got two walks, and only one batter struck out in the third inning.

The Angels scored two runs (again!) in the third inning.

The Yankees struck out three times in the fourth inning.


In the top of sixth, the Yankees showed life! Giancarlo Stanton homered. (Did that enhance his trade value?) Then, after two more strikeouts, Franchy Cordero singled, Harrison Bader was hit by a pitch, and Kyle Higashioka singled home the team's second run. After an Oswaldo Cabrera walk to lead the bases... Oswald Peraza struck out to end the threat.

Bader left the game with a left posterior rib contusion.


The Yankees scored another run on a Franchy Cordero solo to open the eighth inning. Unfortunately for the Yankees, the next three batters struck out.


The Angels scored a run in the bottom of the eighth just in case the Yankees thought they'd have a chance.

Player of the Game:

Franchy Cordero.

Notable Performances:

Shohei Ohtani walked four times.

Better to Forget:

The Yankees struck out 44 times in the three game series against the Angels. That set a franchise record for the Angels.

My Takes:

I was just thinking... if people doing commentary meet what the Yankees feel are the needs for a big league coach... are bloggers next? Aaron Boone was hired out of the TV booth. He's yet to deliver a World Series and now he has a last place team. If that's the new standard, it would be difficult for any of us to do worse. No?

Or, why didn't Mel Allen, Red Barber, or Vin Scully, among many others, ever manage or coach a team? They did well on TV.

Along the same lines, if talking about a situation on TV (or in the media) makes one an expert (rather than any actual experience as a coach) shouldn't Walter Cronkite have been the highest ranking general in the US Army during Vietnam? Maybe Edward R. Murrow could have led the USA through World War II and Horace Greely in the Civil War. I can imagine the debate in the spring of 1864:

Grant: "We're moving south. I'm taking this war right to Robert E. Lee"

Greely: "Go west, young man."


I also never thought I would write this, but it is possible, maybe even probable, that the New York Jets will be in the playoffs before the Yankees are.


Just a simple question, in whatever industry anyone works in... would you hire (or would you be pleased if your boss hired) as a leader a person with no experience in that role of any sort?

I don't think so.

This, though, is how the Yankees do their hiring for their manager and numerous of their coaches.


For all the talk about how Harrison Bader was going to be an important cog in the Yankees' offense, he is batting .243 on the season. His on-base percentage is .276. (As a Cardinal he batted .246 with a .320 OBP. Yes, he's getting on base less as a Yankee.)

Bader is extremely talented, but he has not been what the Yankees had hoped. He is batting .176 in July. He should be traded now. The Yankees should not even consider giving him a new contract at the end of the year.


It is time for the Yankees to sell. I have been saying this for a while. This iteration of the Yankees is done. It's over. If the Yankees don't make wholesale changes now, and they go into 2024 with the same framework, they will see similar results. As the Yankees mire themselves in mediocrity (or worse), they are also wasting the prime years of the careers of Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole. By the time the next core is ready (if they ever are), the Yankees' biggest stars will be past their prime.

Next Up:

The Yankees have a day off today They'll return home tomorrow to begin a three game series against the Kansas City Royals.


Cary Greene
Cary Greene
Jul 20, 2023

Folks. We're getting to the point where Cashman's, "Yankee process" as he says, is now proving itself NOT to be working. This is a last place team with too much money invested in star players and very little regard for building a strong farm system. The Yankees are a middle of the road team who happen to have the second highest payroll in baseball. Brian Cashman ISN'T doing a good job. Far from it. Hal Steinbrenner owns the whole mess.

I do believe that the Yankees will slowly climb out of the basement in the AL East and possibly contend for a playoffs spot, but we've reached critical mass. If this team doesn't snap out of it and do it…


Jul 20, 2023

You are correct in assessment of Volpe..... he was advanced to big club a year earlier but no turning back now. I think he's smart enough to rebound next year and be a very serviceable player.

Jul 20, 2023
Replying to

Agree.....seems to be a recurring problem for Yankees.... Volpe is latest example! Look at SF Giants the complete opposite approach in developing young players....


Jul 20, 2023

Paul always seem to agree with what you say . That being said there is an old saying in baseball that a manager is only as good as his players. I am not a big fan of Boone but am not sure that another manager would get different results. Just like changing hitting coaches made a difference, if anything theYanks are striking out more than before and not hitting worth a damn. I recall reading an article when the Nationals were getting ready to trade Soto and Rizzo their GM whose team recently won the WS commented about Volpe. Rizzo said he didn’t even think was a major league prospect. I never heard a baseball exec be so harsh about…

Jul 20, 2023
Replying to

Agreed & I think it's flown under the radar for long while but maybe the single biggest contributor to the current mess. A steady stream of capable players & the odd great one mixed in from your developmental system means you don't get stuck having to sign/trade for the Donaldsons, Chapmans, DJLM etc (the list is too long). Unfortunately there is no quick fix to this situation that's starting to feel a tad hopeless that isn't incredibly expensive. Hard to be optimistic at all but also recognize things can look a lost cause in the moment at times.


Alan B.
Alan B.
Jul 20, 2023

Volpe's strikeouts are way down. His chase rate is down. At some point should've he been sent back down to AAA and switched places with Peraza? Absolutely. Under Cashman, the Yankees really have not had those many kids on the roster and most of them have been in the pen. So no pen guys on my list Let's see, there was Soriano, Cano, Melky, Gardner, Cervelli, Bird, Sanchez, Judge, Hughes, Nova, Sevy, Monty, and the trio of backup catcher - Murphy, Romine, & Higgy. That's really not a lot to show for 25 years. Cashman couldn't sign Torres as an IFA, so he insisted to include as part of the return for Chapman to the Cubs. So to me,…

Alan B.
Alan B.
Jul 21, 2023
Replying to

How could he? Very easy if Cashman was honest. 'Volpe won the SS competition in Spring Training, but maybe by not having success in AAA in his brief time last year, he unfortunately has shown he has things he must work on at this time. He is not the first prospect to be sent down. Mike Trout was. Even Mickey Mantle was. The Cardinals sent down Jordan Walker this year and later recalled him. But I am sure he will be back at some point this year, better than ever.'


Jul 20, 2023

It will be interesting to see the attendance numbers for the KC series. I hope people stay away. Something has to get Hal's attention. A good case of agita will help.

Jul 20, 2023
Replying to

Sorry Paul, I doubt it would have any effect. As long as the corporate $ keeps coming in, the owners will be content. It's a fine kettle of fish! 😱

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