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About the Off-Season: Meanderings of My Mind.

By: Tim Kabel

February 10th, 2024


In a mere four days, pitchers and catchers will report to spring training for the Yankees. We made it. We survived the winter. There will be baseball or at least baseball activities next week. I will now sample a wide variety of topics like Gary Sanchez at an ice cream parlor. By the way, I'm very curious about the term baseball activities. What exactly does that mean? I would argue that me sitting in front of the television, drinking seltzer and eating Cheez-Its is baseball activity.

The Yankees are rumored to be a possible trade partner with the Milwaukee Brewers for closer Devin Williams. That would be a very solid move and would strengthen the team greatly. The only question is what would it cost in prospects?

Within one week, my disability retirement was approved, ending my 30-year career in social services and I had the closing on my house where I lived for 20 years. As I enter this new phase of my life, I'm thinking of dressing like Mr. Furley in Three's Company.

I was a little sad to see that Corey Kluber retired yesterday. He was a two-time Cy Young Award winner and in his one year with the Yankees, he pitched a no-hitter against the Texas Rangers on May 19th, 2021. He certainly had a solid career.

The place where I am moving has a very strict no smoking policy. I told the property manager that I am a big smoker. After he clutched his chest, I informed him that I smoke ribs, brisket, cheese, and almost anything else. I will be able to do so. I am looking forward to preparing wild boar ribs in my smoker and then finishing them off with a light coating of barbecue sauce on the grill. The joys of retirement.

Apparently, Jasson Dominguez is way ahead of schedule in his recovery from Tommy John surgery. Remember, he is just 21 years old. First, that means he heals more quickly than most of us and second, from everything I've read, he seems to be a very hard worker who really wants to excel. His progress may be the reason the Yankees have not signed Cody Bellinger

Have you ever noticed that if you have friends who are vegetarians or vegans, when they come to your home, the correct thing to do is to provide them with a veritable potpourri of vegetarian or vegan delicacies. You bring out lentils, kale, tofu and all sorts of things that you never even knew existed. However, If you go to a vegan's house for dinner, they do not reciprocate. They do not suddenly start fricasseeing a rabbit. Instead, they merely steal its food and give it to you.

I am hopeful that Clark Schmidt will have a very big season for the Yankees. I think he came into his own last year and developed very nicely as a starter.

I have mentioned one of my kittens, Nut, a few times in these articles. As I have noted, when I have a meal, I am harassed mercilessly by the little devil as he tugs on my pant legs, demanding various morsels. I think fate brought us together because he was originally earmarked to be the wandering restaurant cat in a vegetarian restaurant. I think he would have been quite miserable there. I can write this because I know he can't read: I am actually quite pleased he came to me as well.

If the Yankees get off to a slow start this season, how quickly do you think there will be calls for Boone to be replaced by either bench coach Brad Ausmus or new YES broadcaster Joe Girardi.

I was targeted by an Amazon ad yesterday for a hammered copper jam pan that was made in France. I feel a new hobby coming on.

If Spencer Jones turns out to be legitimate, I can imagine a Yankees' outfield of Spencer Jones, Jasson Dominguez, and Aaron Judge with Juan Soto filling in and getting the bulk of the time at DH. Obviously, this would probably not happen until 2025 and it would also involve Giancarlo Stanton going elsewhere.

I followed the advice of reader Robert M. and began watching Monsieur Spade. I find it to be very compelling. I truly like Clive Owen in the role. I have always liked him. I even enjoyed him in Shoot Ëm Up, which was a somewhat bizarre movie. It also had Paul Giamatti, which helped, and Monica Bellucci, which helped even more. As an aside, my wonderful wife gave me a t-shirt with Monica Bellucci's picture on it for Christmas. Perhaps I will wear it when I make jam.

As I am writing this, Jordan Montgomery, Blake Snell, and Cody Bellinger all remain unsigned. They all have to land someplace. As I have stated, it would not shock me if the Yankees swooped in and grabbed one of them. Bellinger could play centerfield until Dominguez returns and then be in a position to take over at first base in 2025.

I have not moved very many times in my life. You never realize how many items you possess until you are moving, and you have to pack up everything. As a general rule, if you haven't used something in a few years, you don't need to bring it.

If Alex Verdugo gets a few big hits early in the season, I think Yankees' fans will warm to him. Although he was somewhat annoying as a member of the Red Sox, he seems to be much more likeable than Josh Donaldson.

Once I settle in to my new home, i plan to get myself into a routine and spend a good portion of each day writing. I was able to complete four novels just writing part time. I should be able to get a lot done now that it will be my full-time activity.

Once Jasson Dominguez returns from the IL, the Yankees lineup could produce a lot of fireworks with Judge, Soto, Rizzo, if he's healthy, and youngsters such as Dominguez, Wells, and Volpe, although I would like to see him sacrifice some home runs for a higher batting average.

I will be living a block from the beach and adjacent to a very nice seafood restaurant. I think Nut and I may have to go exploring one afternoon. Forget the beach, we will be going for lobster rolls.

I would like to take a moment to wish a happy birthday to my brother Will, who's big day was yesterday. Five years ago on his birthday, I went into the hospital where I stayed for four months. This year, i moved to the beach. Things are looking up. Happy birthday, Will.


Chris Dederick
Chris Dederick

I had 2 Siamese kittens, Pink and Floyd, each had everything I had , eating wise, and each one sat on my side, while watching the ballgames!!, Floyd even ate potato chips, !!! LoL 😆, also, at bedtime, I'd lay on my back and both cat's would lie, at my side, under my armpit,resting their head!!! Best sleep I ever had!! I miss them dearly, they lasted over 20 years!!! ... Cats are smarter and closer friends than dogs, and you don't have to walk them !! Though mine were so cool, I walked them up and down South street, Newburgh NY !!! I still have dreams with them... I never married, but had girlfriends for 6-10 years at a…



Corey Kluber indicated in his retirement announcement that he wants to remain in baseball in some capacity. I think the Yankees should snap him up as a Spring Training Instructor, and then as a "roving minor league hitting instructor" tutoring Major League players like Clark Schmidt, and Minor League players like Will Warren and Clayton Beeter. Michael King becoming as good as he has become is a direct result of being Corey Kluber's teammate for one year. Kluber took Michael King under his wing and mentored him, suggested key adjustments, and basically made Michael King the great pitcher he was for the Yankees in 2022 and 2023. Many are actually directly crediting Corey Kluber for the Yankees being abl…



At some point the Yankees will have to jettison Stanton and if Jones is the real deal then your timeline next year would be perfect. I have real concerns about Rizzo, unlikely but Verdugo and Grisham could be moved to accommodate Bellinger and Dominquez.... Could Yankees move on Bellinger like others noted it doesn't seem likely but never say never.....


Jonathan Silverberg
Jonathan Silverberg

Congrats on your retirement...I took early retirement at the end of 2000 (we had young twin boys, and my wife was still working) decision I ever made...I guarantee you won't regret it (or double your money back)...



it would be a bit of a surprise should the Yankees sign Bellinger.

I thought it would be a sound move but instead they traded for Verdugo, Soto and Grisham.

already on hand (or off-stage) was a melange of Judge, Stanton, Dominguez and Pereira

adding three to those four fills the complement for the outfield/DH sections.

not really any roster room for Bellinger unless the team dispenses with two of the seven already on board

OR, perhaps the Yankees will find a common course with Boras and the great helmsman/agent

will be pleased to advise Mr Bellinger to hold steady and not sign a contract until after the 2024 season


sometimes ya gotta think about room on the roster

even with Dominguez on the IL, and even if you send Pereira down

the team still has 6 guys for the outfield and DH

with 13 spots for pitchers and 13 for non-pitchers

with the present 6 and with 2 catchers

they're left with only 5 guys for the 4 infield spots

so Cabrera has to be disappeared

if the team signs Bellinger..... someone else has to get jettisoned

to begin the season with 26

you might not wish to worry and live with an expectation of injuries

but it's still incumbent upon the team officials to start out with 26

sign Bellinger, not in and of itself anything but a…

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