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About Yesterday: The Yankees Shut Out the Twins 5-0

About Yesterday Afternoon: The Yankees Shut Out the Twins 5-0

By Tim Kabel

May 17, 2024


The Yankees shut out the Twins yesterday 5-0 and swept the series against them. The Yankees outscored the Twins 14-1 in the three-game series. The Yankees were 5-1 on their road trip and now come home to play the Chicago White Sox. The Yankees have the best record in the American League and are the first American League team to win 30 games. Only the Philadelphia Phillies have a better record. As they used to say on Wagon Train, “Keep those wagons rolling.” 


Quick Stats – 


·       The Yankees became the first team in the American League to reach 30 wins.


·       Clarke Schmidt has allowed three runs or fewer in each of his nine starts.


·       Clarke Schmidt is now 5-1 with a 2.49 ERA this season. Michael King is 3-4 with a 4.31 ERA with the Padres. Remember how many people were upset that the Yankees kept Schmidt and traded King?


·       Aaron Judge had six extra base hits in his last two games. 


·       The Twins were one of the hottest teams in baseball going into this series. The Yankees held them to one run for the entire series. 


·       Clarke Schmidt did not allow a run in back-to-back starts and pitched 8 innings for the first time in his career yesterday.


·       Apparently, Hal Steinbrenner wants to keep Juan Soto in the Bronx for the rest of his career and is open to negotiating during the season. Soto’s agent, Scott Boris is surprisingly open to that concept. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope it gets done.


·       On May 16, 2006, the Yankees overcame a 9-0 deficit in the second inning to win the game against the Texas Rangers 14-13 when Jorge Posada hit a game-winning two-run homer with two outs in the 9th inning.


Big Story – 

The Yankees’ starting pitching has been very good this season. The starters are now pitching deeper into games and the team is in first place. By the way, they will be getting Gerrit Cole back relatively soon. That is a good problem to have. The question will be, who will be removed from the rotation when Cole returns? That question doesn't need to be answered today. Perhaps, the Yankees will utilize a six-man rotation for a while. That will give the starters additional rest. They have many options. Hopefully injury does not play a role in the decision-making process. If the starting pitchers keep performing the way they have been, it will be a difficult decision when Cole returns but it is better to be in that position than to have pitchers in the rotation who are struggling.


Player of the Game – 

Clarke Schmidt was dominant again, pitching 8.0 innings while allowing 3 hits, striking out 8, and walking 0. He has become a very reliable pitcher and a key member of the starting rotation.


Notable Performances – 

Anthony Volpe had two hits, including his 6th home run of the season.

Aaron Judge had two doubles and six extra base hits in his last two games.


Better to Forget – 

Juan Soto is in a bit of a slump. It happens. I certainly wouldn't worry about it.


My Take –  

I have often written that with Aaron Boone as the manager, the only way the Yankees will win a World Series is to “Boone-proof” the team. In other words, there has to be system in place to prevent Boone from sabotaging whatever success the team may have.


Right now, the Yankees seem to be successfully Boone-proofing. They are playing so well that there is no need for strategy and multiple in-game decisions by the manager. Despite that, Boone almost blew a 6-run lead on Sunday. Currently, the team is rolling along quite nicely. Boone can sit in his office, make jokes, brag about knowing who the player was in the “Name that Yankee” contest, and blow bubbles.


Unfortunately, this method of Boone-proofing may not work long-term. Remember 2022? The team had a tremendous start but then faded horribly in the second half. The same thing could happen this year. When the team starts to go into a bit of a tailspin, and they play close games, that's when the manager has to make big decisions. Boone has proven during his tenure as the Yankees’ manager that he is not very good at big decisions. Apparently, he is very good at telling jokes, playing trivia games, doing impersonations, and blowing bubbles.


It is hard to ask a team to be so good that it can overcome an ineffective manager. Unfortunately, that is the task before the 2024 Yankees. They are playing so well, that they seem destined to make the playoffs. I know it's early, and it could be a repeat of 2022 and perhaps even worse. The playoffs are not guaranteed but, they do seem likely.


The playoffs will become the issue. The games will be more competitive, and the pitching will be tougher. There may be the need for crucial in-game decisions. That would be a problem. The Yankees will have to focus on getting out to quick leads in the playoff games to avoid such things. We have all seen what happens when Aaron Boone has to make big decisions in crucial games. It is not pretty.

One way of preventing this may be for the Yankees to add a significant player or two at the trading deadline to become such a juggernaut that they can roll over the opposition even in the playoffs. This is all down the road but, as long as Boone is the manager, we need to think about these things.


Next Up – 

Tonight, the Yankees open a three-game series against the Chicago White Sox at 7:05 PM at Yankee Stadium. Nestor Cortes, (1-4, 4.02 ERA) will face Chicago’s Mike Clevinger (0-1, 5.40 ERA). The White Sox are the worst team in the American League. The Yankees need to win this series. A sweep would be nice.

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Alan B.
Alan B.
17 мая

I've believed from the day they fired Girardi, that whoever was the the next manager, was the manager in name only. Nothing that has been done since has ever changed my mind. My problem with Boone is: Hey, if you knew going into this you were going to be disrespected, be made to look like a fool, couldn't you at least been paid well?

I knew Schmidt would take another step forward, but I thought he was the one who was going to be traded, and do it elsewhere. King had a couple of rough outings in the beginning, but if you saw him last weekend, OMG! He is dealing! Oh, and if King was still here, it would've me…

Alan B.
Alan B.
17 мая
Ответ пользователю

Today's managers, not just Boone, are in their jobs to legitimize everything both in the clubhouse and to the media. There really are so few decisions that haven't been figured out beforehand.

Remember David Stearns tried to tell us by way of a leak that Buck was voluntarily stepping down.

My biggest problem with Boone is that he is a 3rd generation MLB player and he was a very good analyst. Does anyone really think Boone is this clueless? Since everyone now knows what's going on, I say relieve Boone and install one of these geeks as the manager. I wouldn't want to put Ausmus in that seat. Nor any of the other real coaches.


17 мая

The Yankees’ starting pitching has been very good this season. The starters are now pitching deeper into games

despite complaints deriding how few innings the rotation was covering earlier in the season and bewailing how great was the burden on the bullpen, the pitching staff has done well and has compiled an excellent ERA, second-best in the league.

a couple of relievers may soon return.

Effross could be back later in the season

it's very possible that the Yankees will add a ace starter sometime in June.

and, of course, the Yankee organization is likely to acquire a pitcher or two prior to the trade deadline.

17 мая
Ответ пользователю

the priority should be, always and at all times. to secure the best result.

it may well be that's it's better and more efficient to promote from within, but that is not always the case.

I would prefer that the team had a lefty short reliever with a 98 MPH fastball, slider and change.

and I do not think that the Yankee farm system has one of those nearly ready for MLB service.

you would be better informed than I.

do they have one?


17 мая

All 5 starting pitchers in the Yankees starting rotation right now would be the ACE of the staff, the Number 1 starter, of at least half of the other teams in the majors right now. All 5 of them. Without Gerrit Cole. Just the CURRENT 5 starters who are starting in Cole's absence. That's how good all of them are right now. Credit goes to the talent of all the pitchers but credit also goes to none other than Andy Pettitte. Pettitte was given the title of "Special Advisor" to the Yankees and he has served as a mentor to the starting pitchers this year. Just like Gerrit Cole, Pettitte has been like an extra pitching coach. Pettitte …


17 мая

Too many Ks (8) for my liking, hence the 2-11 with RISP. I'll take the W, but must clean that up. Good teams will make them pay. Schmidt is showing the league the art of pitching. Nice to see some thought behind every pitch, not just throw as hard as you can for as long as you can. That, is pitching! Judge is back, and Torres showing signs with 2 more hits. Great to see. Can't afford a let down against Chi Sox. Come home and crush the 14-30 Southsiders!


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