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As So Much Changes, Please Know That We Will Be Here, Every Day

As we look to the uncertainty of the situation regarding COVID -19 that has suspended Spring Training, the beginning of the baseball season, and so much more, please know that we plan to maintain our daily work here for all of our readers.

Across the nation many people will be (and are being) asked to work from home. Others might be staying home for any number of reasons. When uncertainty comes, people need a place to escape and find solace or a happy distraction.

We will be here to serve that purpose for you.

The plan is for us to maintain our regular pace of providing articles, posts, information, and more throughout each and every day. We will try to provide more articles on the Yankees or baseball history. We might be opening more packs of baseball cards, sharing more stories of how we came to love the game, or writing about our heroes and favorite players from the current team and from year’s past. Also look for more interesting videos and classic games to watch and enjoy.

The longer baseball stays away, with no news, the more challenging it will become for us to generate content. As necessary, we might recycle some popular previous posts. We also might share more excerpts from our books in print and from some of our manuscripts that aren’t (yet) published. In short, we will do our best to get creative and be a place for all of you to come to escape the concerns of the world around us and to revel in the joy that baseball brings. We might even share some of our other non-baseball interests here so that content is provided throughout the day for all of our readers.

As always, we also encourage our readers to share their thoughts for article ideas that you’d like to see us write. We will also welcome quality guest posts. Just reach out – we’ll be here.

Most importantly in this time of uncertainty, we want to wish all of our readers much safety and health. Be smart. Take all necessary precautions. Be safe. Limit your trips from home as best as you are able. Be clean. Wash your hands. Do what is necessary to maintain your health. In a very real way, you are all part of our extended family. We care about all of you – and because of that, we’ll be here for you.

It will be great when the scare has passed and baseball returns. I look forward to saying, “Let’s Go Yankees!” (Hopefully sooner than later.)

Let us know how you are doing, keep in touch, and stay positive.

We will get through this, all of us, together.

God Bless.

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