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Battle of the Yankee Decades: A New Series of Daily Posts

I’d say that outside of my behind-the-scenes work, I’m mainly becoming known for my long form “series” type posts. This past offseason I set about trying to make my own system for ranking players, The Determinator, and in this past week have wrapped up a long series of posts about the MLB Pipeline Top 30 prospects.

After a day hiatus, it is time for me to announce my next series of posts that will be running throughout the next few weeks.

Welcome to Battle of the Yankee Decades!


A Little Background:

Ever since my Dad and I started running Start Spreading the News, I have looked to incorporate my favorite baseball-related video game I can play into the blog. That being the greatest baseball simulator I’ve worked with: Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP).

I first got into OOTP back in 2014 during an online giveaway for a code of the game, and after messing around for about 3 hours and not understanding what was going on, I gave it up.

Two years later, however, I ended up with the 2016 version of the game, and after messing around to bringing the Yankees to win the 2016 World Series, I started to understand the greater appeal of the simulation game. Ever since, I have spent hundreds of hours playing through different historical and fictional seasons, learning about how to run a team as both the General Manager and as a Manager.

I have written about OOTP in the past, most recently in a quick post about different options of ways you can play baseball at home while the season has been suspended. So, if you want to learn more about my feelings on the game, check that post here.


So, What Does that Have to Do With Anything?

Unfortunately, I am a little behind the curve as both Strat-O-Matic and Baseball Reference (and others I’m sure) are each simulating their own versions of the 2020 season, which is something I would’ve liked to do with bringing daily updates about how the Yankees were doing and asking for ideas about trades, lineups, rotations, call-ups, etc.

But, instead of doing that, there is a different feature built within Out of the Park Baseball, called a Historical Exhibition, in which you can run a tournament involving any teams (up to 64) from the history of baseball to play in a series of “Best of _” series in order to come to a consensus winner.

So, now I look to our readers to help me come up with enough teams to create a proper 16-team tournament, built from one team from each decade from the 1900’s to the 2010’s (along with 4 of the best Yankees teams of all time).


The Battle of the Yankee Decades:

Now, obviously, one team from each decade of the Yankees would only equal 12 teams, so I have already decided on 4 teams that I believe would have been clear favorites in each decade and this allows for a perfect bracket with no bye games/series’.

These teams are as follows:

The 1927 Yankees – a.k.a The Murderers’ Row

The 1961 Yankees – a.k.a. The M&M Boys Each Hit 50+ HR’s (Maris and Mantle)

The 1998 Yankees – a.k.a. The (2nd) Most Winningest Yankees Team Ever

The 2009 Yankees – a.k.a. Their Last World Series Winning Team

In order to pick the remaining teams from each decade, there will be a daily post at 4:00 PM with an embedded poll to select that decade’s best (or best remaining) team.

See you tomorrow with the 1900’s!


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