• Andy Singer

Better Than The Mailbag...

by Andy Singer

August 12, 2022


Monday night's game had everything you could want in a baseball game: two high caliber teams, back and forth scoring, and the Yankees won.

Despite all of that, I didn't care about any of it in the slightest.

It is the first time, I think, in my life that I cared not at all about the Yankees or baseball. In fact, my wife asked me when the Yankees were playing at around 2:00 PM that afternoon, and I told her I didn't care.

I wasn't in a bad mood, pessimism regarding the team's performance hadn't gotten to me, nor was lack of sleep the reason for my general ambivalence regarding the Yankees. I didn't watch any of the game, though I did smile when I got the update from my YES App that the Yankees had won.

You see, I was awoken at 2:45 AM on August 8th in a rather sudden fashion, and I raced myself and my wife to the hospital.

Then 21 some-odd hours later, at 12:13 AM on August 9th, I became the proud father of Eleanor Rose Singer, and baseball and the Yankees have taken a backseat (though I did tell Eleanor that the Yankees decided to break their recent losing ways in honor of her birth, which seemed to be a reasonable reaction... though Matt Carpenter's broken foot reminds me that the baseball gods work with their own set of etiquette and bylaws). Since then, I've only caught bits and pieces of the last couple of games (much to my dismay) on the muted TV in our hospital room between trips to the NICU, though now that my daughter is healthy enough to be with us full time and we're all ready to go home, I'll have a bit more time to teach her about the finer points of the game.

I hate breaking promises more than almost anything, and I know I promised that the SSTN Mailbag would return this week. It just wasn't going to happen this week, and frankly I'm not sure you'd want to read ramblings from this delirious writer (seriously, this is already far longer than I intended). I have read the questions that have come into the Mailbag each of the last two weeks, and it is my intention to answer all of those that remain relevant (and anything new) next Friday at our regularly scheduled time, so please keep them coming to

I look forward to interacting with all of you very soon (and likely at even odder hours than I kept already).


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