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BN: Blake Snell to San Francisco

Breaking News: Blake Snell has signed a 2-year, $64 Million deal (with an opt out) with the San Francisco Giants. Details inside.





It is clear that Scott Boras overplayed his hand this offseason when it came to Blake Snell, and still comes with Jordan Montgomery.

Even if we do a quick search across the internet, before the offseason, these were some of the various predictions for the contract Snell was going to sign (and where):

MLBTR: 7 Years, $200M ($28.6M AAV)

Teams: Phillies, Red Sox, Dodgers

MLB: No reported salary prediction

Teams: St. Louis Cardinals

CBS: 5 Years, $135M ($27M AAV)

Team: None predicted

The Sporting News: No reported salary prediction

Team: San Francisco Giants (CORRECT!)

That looks to be a lot of money left on the table. Who knows if those offers were out there, but it is clear that Boras & Co. were looking for an AAV over $30 Million per year.

This is supported by a tweet from Bob Nightengale:


Quick Thoughts:

The Yankees blew it.

So what about a draft pick?

So what about a few extra million dollars being paid by the richest team in the MLB?

The Yankees are without their ace pitcher to start this season. The Yankees have a pitching rotation full of question marks.

Blake Snell has been available for nothing more than money and a draft pick for a player who will likely never make the MLB- and if he did, it won't be for many many years. Many years after this team is competitive with a core based around Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole.

I respect teams who make the moves and make it work regardless of what other factors are out there. I now respect the Giants. They were the ones who finally made the move.

I'll tell you all this now: Don't expect Montgomery to come back to the Bronx. It's clear the Yankees aren't spending.

Good night.


Cary Greene
Cary Greene

Snell wasn't worth forfeiting 2 Draft picks and $1 million in International Bonus Pool money -- plus $31 million to Snell plus the $34 million CBT hit.



If Blake Snell was not to come to the Yankees, then this was certainly the best possible outcome, from the Yankees point of view. He is going to the National League, to a team the Yankees will only see ONCE a year, no more, and also a team that the Yankees will not likely have as a World Series opponent, since I strongly doubt that Snell will lead the Giants to a World Series. This is obvious a much better outcome than Snell ending up with the Houston Astros, or to an AL East foe like Boston, Baltimore, Toronto, or his former team, Tampa Bay. So I am actually grateful for this outcome, even though the Yankees need pitching.



Snell ended up getting more than $30M for 2024

and will be pitching in a pretty good park for pitchers


Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger

Snell got less than he originally thought.

The Yankees were unwilling to pay big to get him, even for short term.

He was expensive - especially with the tax.

The Yanks though still need pitching.

Alan B.
Alan B.

What was your fascination with Snell? was it that he was a perfect Yankee pitcher? habitually injured?

Oh, how was your book talk last night?


Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman

Really glad the Yanks didn't sign him. Bleak Smell reeks of "can't pitch in New York." We'll see how Overweening Greed Boy does with the Jints. My guess is they overpaid for him.

Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman

If so, I'll be prepared to dust off my epithets! :-)

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