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Does Anthony Rizzo Return to the Yankees?

By Derek McAdam

October 29, 2021


Anthony Rizzo was acquired by the Yankees from the Chicago Cubs on July 29 to fill in for the injured Luke Voit. Not only were the Yankees getting a left-handed batter that is suited for Yankee Stadium, but they also got a four-time Gold Glove Award winner that had an excellent career in the North Side of Chicago.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, Rizzo was in the last year of his contract and is set to become a free agent after the World Series. Does he stay in New York with the Yankees or does he go elsewhere?

Recent reports say that Rizzo is ‘eager’ to re-sign with the Yankees, which is a great first step for Brian Cashman if he wants to keep him. Generally speaking, if players want to stay with a specific team, they will try their hardest to do that.

The downside to the Yankees keeping Rizzo is that he is in search of a nine-figure contract. The Yankees already have two with Gerrit Cole’s $324 million contract and Giancarlo Stanton’s $325 million deal. With Aaron Judge potentially looking for his extension from the Yankees, this may cause a problem.

There is also the possibility that the nine-figure contract demands are just a ploy by Rizzo’s agent to get as much money as possible. If Freddie Freeman decides to stay in Atlanta, Rizzo will be the most attractive first baseman on the free-agent market, which is something to take into consideration.

Another situation to consider is if Rizzo is offered similar money by teams such as the Cubs or potentially the Miami Marlins, who play roughly an hour from his hometown in Parkland. Would he be interested in possibly finishing his career there?

It’s possible, but my prediction is that he would stay with the Yankees for the best possibility to win. The Cubs are in the beginning of a rebuild and the Marlins play in a tough division and are still several seasons away from competing.

So the question is if Rizzo returns to the Yankees or if he goes on to play for another team. If the Yankees can convince him to take an offer somewhere in the five-year, $80-85 million range, there is a good possibility that the deal gets done.

Not only does Rizzo get longevity with one team, but he also gets to stay with the team that he is so ‘eager’ to come back to.

My prediction is that Rizzo will return if he is looking for a contract similar to above. I believe the Yankees are willing to give him that money. If he is looking for more, I cannot see him returning to the Bronx.

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