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Guest Post – Bobby Murcer and Me by Robert Skead

The following passage comes from author Robert Skead, a lifelong Yankees fan and a very good friend of the Start Spreading the News Yankees blog.

Bobby Murcer and Me by Robert Skead

Sharing Yankees stories with a buddy made me remember a special meeting with Bobby Murcer in 2008 at a NYC B&N. Bobby was my all time favorite player. I went to his baseball school in Florida during my junior year in high school. I was so blessed to introduce my son Robbie to him too.

Bobby was battling cancer when we met him before his book signing. I told him we were Christians and praying for him and his wife replied (regarding faith in Christ), “We swing that way too.” I loved the way she put that.

Bobby died a few months later…

Bobby Murcer was a gentleman and one “hero” who’d never disappoint.

It’s wonderful when you meet your all-time favorite player and you have that same feeling of being a kid again.

As a child I was always envious of my friends up the block who went to Bat Day every year in the early 1970s. I always admired their Roy White bat and especially the Bobby Murcer one. That’s why as an adult I just had to acquire my own.

As a dad, I made sure my kids got to experience a few bat days too.

I have several mementos of Bobby Murcer that bring back memories of watching him play. But best of all is knowing that because he “swings that way” (his faith) I’ll go looking for him someday in the future in heaven. And maybe we can even have a catch. After all we all know the Lord is a Yankees fan.


Robert Skead is the author of several baseball books that are not just for kids.

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