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Happy Birthday SSTN!

Today we celebrate our third birthday.

We launched Start Spreading the News on October 23, 2017. That was the day the re-brand for the Yankees blog It’s About The Money took place and we officially became SSTN.

It has been a great and wonderful ride since that day. At the writing of this post, we are approaching our two millionth page view. Two million! That’s something. Even in a difficult year with all sorts of challenges, too many to name, and an off-season that lasted forever and ever (and ever some more) our writers kept writing and our readers kept reading. Day in and day out, we have produced and provided quality content for our readers. I cannot thank our writers and readers enough for all of their hard work and support of this site.

We have worked diligently and tirelessly to deliver great content for our readers. We have been honest in our reporting. We share big ideas and fair critique. When we’re wrong on some things, we admit it. And when we’re right, we’re glad and proud we called it correctly. One aspect of the site that I am very proud of is the fact that while all f the writers write respectfully and honestly, we are not all of the same mind. Each writer uses the platform to write how they honestly perceive the Yankees.

We share all sorts of content from the daily game threads, game summaries, and quick hits after the games to articles on Yankees history, links to podcasts, and more. We try to keep the site fun and engaging while providing quality content for fans of all ages.

We have also kept the site, unlike many (dare I say most) sites, free from a plethora of annoying ads. On some sites, it takes me multiple clicks just to get to the articles and away from the ads. We don’t force our readers to have to go through those same exercises to read our content. Many sites now hide certain articles and writers behind paywalls. We also don’t do that. We write to engage with our readers and fans (and critics) – not to put ourselves away from them.

As the Editor-in-Chief, I am proud of the partnership we have with SendToNews to bring the video player that shares highlights and provides additional content to our readers. The people at SendToNews are some of the very best in the business. They work collaboratively with us to provide great material in ways that don’t get in the way of the reader’s reading experience.

I am also very proud of the fact that we keep this site a place for fans of all ages. We will always keep this site as one that parents can feel safe sending their children to knowing they won’t come across things that would be inappropriate. Our approach has proven that one can make a baseball site for adults while still maintaining it as a safe and respectful place for all.

This year we introduced the SSTN Interview series. Through this series, we have brought interviews from some of the biggest names in sports writing. Each person I have talked to as part of this series has been kinder than the next. I have now made some personal and professional friendships with many. One common thread in all has been the respect that these people hold for the work we’re doing here. Earning the respect from the very best in the business is, in many ways, priceless.

When I started this blog, three years ago, I took a leap of faith and a big chance. I jumped into it with the help of my son Ethan who has been my partner every step of the way. When we play baseball together, I enjoy the games the most when I pitch and Ethan serves as my catcher – when we are the battery together. It’s much the same with this blog. He is my right-hand man. Doing this together is something that is special to me beyond words. We didn’t know if this would last a day, a week, or a month. We’ve now kept it alive, vibrant, and thriving for three years.

Again, I have to thank our writers for all of their hard work and their willingness to meet deadlines, to step up and produce quality content, and for putting up with all of my e-mails and requests that take place behind the scenes. These are special people and I cannot thank them enough for all they do. There wouldn’t be a Start Spreading the News without them.

Also again, I must thank all our readers. I love the interactions we share. I love your feedback. I love that this is a place where fans can come together respectfully to talk baseball and share their hopes and dreams and thoughts on the Yankees. We appreciate the time you invest in our writing.

I am looking forward to a great fourth year here at SSTN. I hope 2021 brings us the much awaited World Championship that we all desire. We will continue to deliver quality content, multiple posts each day, original ideas, lots of insight, and (hopefully) lots of fun as well. We will report on the Yankees and on baseball. You can also be sure that we’ll have some new ideas, new projects, and the same great writing.

I estimate that we’re posted over 6,000 articles and such for you all to enjoy over the last three years. That was just the start.

As I wish us a Happy Birthday, I also have to say in sum – THANK YOU ALL AGAIN.


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