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Perspectives: WOW!

by Paul Semendinger

September 21, 2022


All I can say is "Wow!"

The Yankees' comeback last night was something special. Yes, it was against the Pirates. Yes, the division seems all but wrapped up. Yes, it came only because the bullpen performed poorly and put them in a deep hole, but still... it was amazing.

This is what makes baseball and rooting for a team so much fun. It's about miracles and magic and fun and wonder.

And how about Aaron Judge? How about Aaron Judge?! Wow!

Simply amazing.


It took the Babe 154 games to hit 60 homers. Judge did it in 147 games. No one could have predicted this. No one. We have just been blessed with one of the most amazing seasons we'll ever see.

Does Babe Ruth get an asterisk now?


And, if one looks, right now, at the league leaders, Aaron Judge stands atop the three Triple Crown leader boards.

Can you imagine if Aaron Judge captures the Triple Crown?

Simply amazing.


When Babe Ruth hit 60 homers, he hit .356/60/165

Aaron Judge is at .316/60/128

Ruth's triple slash was: .486/.772/1.258, with a WAR of 12.6

Judge is at : .419/.703/1.123 with a WAR of 9.7

Ruth led the league in: Home Runs, Runs, Walks, and Strikeouts; as well as OBP and SLG

Judge Leads the league in: Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Batting Average, Runs, Walks, and Batting Average, as well as OBP and SLG.

In many ways, Judge's season is very close and very similar to Ruth's. He is in the ballpark, that much is certain.

It's amazing to be even able to mention Aaron Judge's season alongside Ruth's.


On that 1927 team, Babe Ruth also had Lou Gehrig who batted .373/47/173.

Ruth also had Bob Meusel (.337/8/103), Earle Combs (.356/6/54), and Tony Lazzeri (.309/18/102) as part of his supporting cast.

Ruth was great. He was amazing, but he also had a strong supporting staff.

Aaron Judge has carried this team alone. It's been a one-man show.


How about this, though... When Babe Ruth hit 60 homers, he out homered the following teams: Philadelphia A's (56), Washington Senators (29), Detroit Tigers (51), Chicago White Sox (36), Cleveland Indians (26), St. Louis Browns (55), and the Boston Red Sox (28).

In other words, he out homered every other American League team!

Imagine if Judge did that!!! (Maybe next year!)


Now... let's talk dramatic... exciting... BROADWAY...

Imagine if, today, this very morning, the Yankees reached out to Aaron Judge and offered him ten years and $400 million. Or even 10 years at $370 million.

"Hey, Aaron, we want to celebrate your accomplishment. We want to have a celebration before tonight's game. We'll give you Babe Ruth's crown. And we'll announce that you're also a Yankee for life."

2016 Leaf Baseball Card

Imagine that?!

"Let's end the drama. Let's focus on the post season. Let's reward you for carrying the team. Here is the crown, the cash, and your legacy."

I know it won't happen, but... imagine that! If baseball is theater and generating excitement and all of that... what could be more exciting than that?

(And today is not the day to get into a debate about if a contract like that even makes sense. Let's just enjoy the moment. )


You know what? No matter what happens with Aaron Judge and the future, he just guaranteed that one day, he will, absolutely, be in Monument Park. #99 will also be retired. It matters little what happens going forward.

Aaron Judge has already cemented his Yankees legacy.


Let's finish with a quick poll.

Whose call of Judge's 60th homer do you like better: Michael Kay's or John Sterling's?

For me, I'll go with Sterling. He used his classic call, but with a bit more excitement, of course. Sterling sounded genuinely excited and amazed it happened. Michael Kay's call, to me, sounded much more rehearsed.


Let's Go Yankees!

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