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SSTN Interviews Dr. Susan (Roush) Dellinger

SSTN: Today we share our interview with renowned author and speaker Dr. Susan (Roush) Dellinger.

Dr. Dellinger is the creator of the Psycho-Geometrics® system of analyzing personal communication style. Since the inception of this system in 1978, Dr. Dellinger has presented her unique system to over 1 million people in 24 countries.

She is also a big baseball fan, is a member of SABR, and is the author of Red Legs and Black Sox: Edd Roush and the Untold Story of the 1919 World Series.

Thanks for coming to Start Spreading the News. It is great to have this discussion with you.

To begin, please tell us how you became a baseball fan.

I grew up surrounded by Baseball. Fans from all over the country (and old baseball team colleagues) would come to my grandparent’s home in southern Indiana (Oakland City).

They came to shake the hand of an old ballplayer, my granddad, Edd J Roush. I knew he must be something “special”, but I didn’t know why until 1962 when he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY. I was never a traditional “fan” of baseball….I was only the #1 Fan of my granddad!

Your book on the 1919 World Series takes a different perspective of that game-changing event. Please tell us a little about it.

I promised my grandparents before they died that I would write a book about granddad’s 18-year MLB career with the Chicago White Sox, NY Giants and the Cincinnati Reds.

When I began my research, I joined SABR (Society for Baseball Research) and I learned that the most “dramatic” event in Roush’s career was the 1919 World Series. After multiple interviews with SABR experts AND with granddad, I wrote Red Legs and Black Sox: Edd Roush and the Untold Story of the 1919 World Series.”

What makes this a game-changing event is the Roush report that the Reds had been approached by gamblers also. It is the first famous story from the Reds perspective.

See my book for details!

Gambling played a huge role in baseball’s early days. One player from the Yankees’ Highlanders days was Hal Chase, who was known to fix games and such. Did he have any influence in the 1919 World Series?

Oh yes….Chase was a major figure in the player ranks who was bought and sold by gamblers. There is much more extensive information on Chase in my book and I believe that he was definitely a person involved in the 1919 “Black Sox series”.

For some unknown reason, the National League continued to protect him throughout several lawsuits and even against Christy Mathewson’s accusations.

Interesting. Maybe there is another story yet to be told!

Two members of the 1919 Reds pitching staff, Dutch Reuther and Ray Fisher, were at different points in their careers Yankees. What can you tell us about them?

Dutch Ruether was promoted as the pitching STAR of the 1919 Series. Fisher was on injured reserved. Granddad believed that Ruether gave up one game for some “unknown” reason. Roush was quoted in newspapers: “I saw some might funny pitching out there.” Later scholars claim that the owner, Herrmann, wanted more games to bring in more gate money.

This is an unsolved mystery now and probably forever.

How do you feel about the proliferation of gambling on baseball today through the many betting programs and apps. Is this good for the game?

Is gambling “good for the game?…NO!” BUT…the standards throughout America have changed – to LOWER requirements. This is evident in all aspects of our political system. For many years, SABR members have attempted to uphold standards of integrity. If we let the Hal Chase career go unpunished and ignored; Hall of Fame standards will suffer and our integrity as a nation, will continue to erode.

Why, do you believe, are people so drawn to baseball and its stories, legends, and people?

Baseball was our FIRST American sport. From the Cincy Reds in the 19th Century to the national conferences, the game has always had a large public following. There’s a lot of talk about baseball needing to be “fixed.” Is baseball broken? If you were the Commissioner of Baseball what change(s) if any would you make to the current game?

I think my answer is now clear…..there can be NO players who took drugs to succeed until the other “cheaters” – 1919 Eight and Pete Rose have – been absolved of their crimes.

In looking at the history of the Yankees, or baseball in general, what person or event would you like to see a book written about?

Another Yankees book….really??? Maybe write about the Highlanders??

In the book and the movie The Natural, the main character wants nothing more than to walk down the street and have people say, “There goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was.”

Who was the best baseball player you ever saw?

Derek Jeter (BUT I never saw my granddad play….)

I love that answer!

Our final question is really just a collection of short answers…

What was your favorite baseball team growing up?

Cincinnati Reds

Who was your favorite player?

Edd Roush

What is your most prized collectible?

The 1919 World Series Champion Diamond Stick Pin (Loaned to Cincy Reds Museum now)

Who is your favorite musical group or artist?

Due Lipa

What is your favorite food (if it is pizza, what is your favorite pizza restaurant)?

Filet Mignon

Fantastic! Thank you Susan for spending this time with me. I appreciate the great communication and the efforts you made to make this interview possible.

I wish you continued success. Please keep in touch!


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