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The (Almost) Shortest Post Ever – New Pitching Coach…

As a traditionalist, I really wanted the Yankees to bring back Dave Righetti to be the pitching coach. I knew that was a one in a million shot though.

The news that Matt Blake was signed as the pitching coach elicited a tons of “Who?” comments and such. (Rightfully so…who?)

But, that being said, this seems to be a very smart hire. Very smart. I have scoured the Internet researching Matt Blake and have only come across positive reactions from the people in the know. The man seems to know pitching inside and out. He seems smart. He had a great deal of success with the Indians. This looks to be a fantastic hire.

We’re in the business (or the hobby some might say, more accurately) of writing about the Yankees and giving our thoughts on the games, the players, the transactions, and such. And, while (I think) we often make great points and provide great analysis, we are ultimately just outsiders looking in.

The Yankees, of course, know what they are doing. And, by and large, their decisions (even if we don’t always like them) have paid paid positive results. Let’s hope this new pitching coach can help the Yankees pitchers take it to the next level as they battle for championships in 2020 and beyond.

Let’s also hope that the Yankees employ the likes of Gerrit Cole and Madison Bumgarner to work with Matt Blake. Having a few aces at the top of the rotation will certainly help with Blake’s job security.


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