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The Complete Collection of SSTN Thurman Munson for the Hall-of-Fame Articles

by Paul Semendinger

August 6, 2021


Please continue to help me gain my followers back and make some new ones. My mission to get the Captain #15 into the Hall is going to take numbers. Let’s do this. Full Steam Let’s Go! Boomer loves you guys. #Captain15Team @NickTurturro1 @RealMichaelKay @Yankees @ChrisShearn — ronblombergofficial (@ronblomberg12) August 5, 2021

Former Yankee Ron Blomberg is making a big push on Twitter to rekindle the Thurman Munson for the Hall-of-Fame campaign.

With this in mind, and with the facts being that we have attracted tens of thousands of new readers since these originally posted, I determined that it was time to share the posts I wrote and/or organized outlining the reasons that Thurman Munson deserves this honor.

This post is collection of many other posts that were all posted on this site.

Note – These articles first appeared on the blog in November 2019.


A few weeks ago, I took an in-depth look at Thurman Munson’s career and sought to determine if he was worthy of the Hall-of-Fame.

He, absolutely, deserves this honor. 100%. Absolutely.

Following my post, the Munson for HOF Committee shared a plethora of research with me that we posted here at Start Spreading the News.

Since these articles have been scattered over a few weeks, we gathered them all here in one spot for easy access.

These, plus the articles linked below, provide an extremely compelling case that Thurman Munson belongs in baseball’s Hall-of-Fame.

It’s time for Thurman Munson to be in the Hall-of-Fame!

Thurman’s Last Chance. Does He Belong in the Hall-of-Fame? by Paul Semendinger

Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case (Part 1 – Quotes) – From the Munson HOF Committee

Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case (Part 2 – WAR and Offensive Stats) – From the Munson HOF Committee

Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case (Part 3 – Durability, Defense, and Post Season Stats) – From the Munson HOF Committee

Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case (Part 4 – Article: “Munson Played Long Enough”) – From the Munson HOF Committee

Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case (Video) – From the Munson HOF Committee

More on Munson (by Gary Kaschak of the Munson HOF Committee) – From the Munson HOF Committee

Video: Comparing Thurman Munson and Ted Simmons – From the Munson HOF Committee

Thurman Munson and Situational Hitting – From the Munson HOF Committee


One committee’s Hall of Fame case for Thurman Munson (NY Post)

Does Thurman Munson deserve another Hall of Fame Chance? (Cooperstown Cred)

Thurman Munson’s Case for Cooperstown (FanGraphs)

Revisiting Thurman Munson’s Hall of Fame case 37 years after his death (Sporting News)

Baseball Hall of Fame Has No Excuse to Keep Thurman Munson Out Again This Year (12Up)

Despite early demise, Thurman Munson is Hallworthy (FanGraphs)

The Baseball Hall of Fame continues to miss out on Thurman Munson (Elite Sports NY)

The 10 most deserving players who are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame (Vintage Detroit)


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