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The Tuesday Discussion: Writing for the Blog…

This week we went behind the scenes to ask our writers the following:

What is the best part of writing for a Yankees blog?

Our writers responded:

Patrick Gunn – The best part of writing for a Yankees blog is having an outlet to express my opinions about the Yankees and how they fit into the MLB season. Being able to communicate these opinions with more amazing baseball fans makes this even more fun.

Paul Semendinger – I am fortunate because I get to write and also oversee this entire operation. The best part of all of this are the positive interactions I have had with so many people. The people who write for the blog are tremendous – the best of the best. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with each of them. It really is a pleasure. In addition, I have met some outstanding people that are part of our fan base. It’s great to talk baseball, specifically Yankees baseball, with so many knowledgeable people. My sincere thanks to all of you for being part of this great blog and for sharing your love of the Yankees with us.

Lincoln Mitchell – There are several great things about writing for this Yankees blog. First, it gives me a great outlet for the Yankees related thoughts and ideas that are frequently running through my head. It also allows me to participate in a community of Yankees fans.

Ed Botti – The best part for me is the research and staying connected to the game.

Ethan Semendinger – The best part about writing for the blog, to me, has been being able to talk about it with my friends and the people I meet. Being able to say that I write, and work behind the scenes on and for a legitimate blog about the Yankees always interests other people, who always ask how I got involved with this. It has also helped keep me in-the-know when it comes to the baseball world, and being the ‘Breaking News’ guy has been very enjoyable when major news breaks, especially with the need to write well researched and detailed articles on the spot.

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