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The V-Ratings (The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB) – Players Who Should Be Considered For th

by James Vlietstra

May 19, 2021


Introducing V-Rating:

The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB

Background: I have sifted through the numbers to determine who the best offensive players have been in Major League history by using runs produced, total bases, walks, hit by pitches, net stolen bases, grounding into double plays, and sacrifices to determine the most productive players per at bat.

I call this new formula The V-Rating.

TODAY I provide, in rank order from highest to lowest, a detailed list of hitters who have been considered for the Baseball Hall-of-Fame , but are not (yet) enshrined.

Take a look and share your comments below!

Non-Hall-of-Famers By V-Rating:

(Based on their V-Rating, clearly several are very much deserving)

Barry Bonds .984

Manny Ramirez .914

Mark McGwire .909

Alex Rodriguez .888

Joe Jackson .878

Albert Belle .868

David Ortiz .854

Dick Allen .853

Todd Helton .849

Jose Canseco .831

Darryl Strawberry .831

Gary Sheffield .828

Sammy Sosa .824

Bobby Abreu .818

Nomar Garciaparra .817

Rafael Palmeiro .805

Carlos Beltran .796

Fred McGriff .794

Jeff Kent .790

Gil Hodges .782

Minnie Minoso .776

Andruw Jones .773

Kenny Lofton .763

Keith Hernandez .735

Adrian Beltre .733

Dave Parker .731

Torii Hunter .729

Joe Mauer .713

Vada Pinson .705

Al Oliver .700

Julio Franco .700

Jimmy Rollins .699

Joe Torre .694* (enshrined as a manager)

Rusty Staub .687

Steve Garvey .680

Nick Markakis .676

Pete Rose .669

Ichiro Suzuki .666

Bill Buckner .637

Curt Flood .623

Omar Vizquel .613

Don Mattingly .604




NEXT WEEK – I will provide a list of great Yankees hitters who, by V-Rating, should be considered among the best of all-time and should be included in Monument Park.

I welcome your comments and a great discussion!

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