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The V-Ratings (The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB) – Recent Stars

by James Vlietstra

June 16, 2021


Introducing V-Rating:

The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB

Background: I have sifted through the numbers to determine who the best offensive players have been in Major League history by using runs produced, total bases, walks, hit by pitches, net stolen bases, grounding into double plays, and sacrifices to determine the most productive players per at bat.

I call this new formula The V-Rating.

TODAY I provide, in rank order from highest to lowest, a detailed list of

Way back in high school math class I learned about algebra. The numerator is divided by the denominator. The formula used for determining a player’s V-Rating includes runs produced plus total bases plus net stolen bases plus walks plus hit-by-pitch minus grounded-into-double plays divided by plate appearances minus sacrifices.

Here is a handful of active players along with their pre 2021 V-Ratings. As you can see there’s several very talented players in today’s game.


Mike Trout .936

Fernando Tatis Jr .912

Juan Soto .910

Ronald Acuña Jr .878

Aaron Judge .863

Cody Bellinger .860

Mookie Betts .856

Albert Pujols .840

Alex Bregman .833

Bryce Harper .831

Trevor Story .829

Giancarlo Stanton .828

Miguel Cabrera .825

Nolan Arenado .814

Kris Bryant .813

Joey Votto .812

Trea Turner .805

Jose Ramirez .805

Anthony Rendon .794

Charlie Blackmon .791

Christian Yelich .789

Manny Machado .777

Alex Correa .768

Matt Chapman .766

DJ LeMahieu .739

Xander Bogaerts .734

Robinson Cano .720

Jose Altuve .717

Byron Buxton .717

Brett Gardner .711

Buster Posey .707

Marcus Semien .676



Introducing V-Rating (The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB)

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NEXT WEEK – I will share information on some of the worst teams in Major League history!


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