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The V-Ratings (The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB) – The 10,000 Club!

by James Vlietstra

June 2, 2021


Introducing V-Rating:

The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB

Background: I have sifted through the numbers to determine who the best offensive players have been in Major League history by using runs produced, total bases, walks, hit by pitches, net stolen bases, grounding into double plays, and sacrifices to determine the most productive players per at bat.

I call this new formula The V-Rating.

TODAY I provide, in rank order from highest to lowest, a detailed list of

Way back in high school math class I learned about algebra. The numerator is divided by the denominator. The formula used for determining a player’s V-Rating includes runs produced plus total bases plus net stolen bases plus walks plus hit-by-pitch minus grounded-into-double plays divided by plate appearances minus sacrifices.

Only 14 players have a numerator above 10,000. As of this writing, 4 of those are not currently in the Hall Of Fame.

The following players have the highest career Numerators:

The 10,000 Club:

Barry Bonds 12,309

Ty Cobb 11,954

Henry Aaron 11,845

Babe Ruth 11,576

Stan Musial 10,975

Rickey Henderson 10,888

Willie Mays 10,863

Alex Rodriguez 10,730

Pete Rose 10,546

Carl Yastrzemski 10,361

Albert Pujols 10,317

Tris Speaker 10,160

Honus Wagner 10,025

Lou Gehrig 10,003

The Best of the Rest

Mel Ott 9,938

Frank Robinson 9,903

Ted Williams 9,870

Cap Anson 9,840

Eddie Murray 9,540

Jimmy Foxx 9,502

Eddie Collins 9,463

Ken Griffey Jr 9,448

Dave Winfield 9,307

Derek Jeter 9,121

Craig Biggio 9,024

Paul Molitor 9,014

Jim Thome 8,987

Reggie Jackson 8,925

Wade Boggs 8,921

Chipper Jones 8,910

Mickey Mantle 8,908

George Brett 8,904

Adrian Beltre 8,808

Joe Morgan 8,804

Al Kaline 8,790

Frank Thomas 8,764

Roger Hornsby 8,723

Charlie Gehringer 8,575

Nap Lajoie 8,497

Mike Schmidt 8,469

Robin Yount 8,480



Introducing V-Rating (The Ultimate Offensive Metric In MLB)

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NEXT WEEK – I will share the greatest single season numerators!


I welcome your comments and a great discussion!


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