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  • James Vlietstra

Yankees MiLB 2022 V-Rating Leaders

by James Vlietstra

January 3, 2022


Background: I have sifted through the numbers to determine who the best offensive players have been in Major League history by using runs produced, total bases, walks, hit by pitches, net stolen bases, grounding into double plays, and sacrifices to determine the most productive players per at bat.

I call this new formula The V-Rating.

Way back in high school math class I learned about algebra. The numerator is divided by the denominator. The formula used for determining a player’s V-Rating includes runs produced plus total bases plus net stolen bases plus walks plus hit-by-pitch minus grounded-into-double plays divided by plate appearances minus sacrifices.



This article, today, lists the Yankees’ farm system most productive offensive players from 2022.

Many of the top players are from the DSL. This could be deceiving, as the competition is not as polished as it is stateside. However, these are all names that you should become familiar with.

Several of the Yankees top prospects got off to very slow starts. This brings their overall numbers down. The following numbers are their V-Rating from June 1 to the end of their minor league season:

Orlando Cabrera 1.231

Austin Wells 1.042

Jasson Dominguez 1.038

Anthony Volpe 0.963

Oswald Peraza 0.962

Everson Pereira 0.961

It’s possible that we see all six of these players in the Majors later this summer as they are all in the upper levels of the system.

The V-Rating is traditionally a good predictor of future success. The fact that they each turned their season around so drastically indicates that if they get off to a good start, they will be able to sustain it.

Overall Yankees 2022 MiLB V-Rating Leaders

1. Edinson Duran 1.188

2. Keiner Delgado 1.072

3. Felix Negueis 1.067

4. Agustin Ramirez 1.016

5. Abrahan Ramirez 1.014

6. Juan Matheus 1.00

7. Nelson Medina 1.00

8. Jesus Rodriguez 0.974

9. Spencer Jones 0.972

10. Jared Serna 0.941

11. Enmanuel Tejeda 0.931

12. Oliver Dunn 0.927

13. Omar Martinez 0.884

14. Andres Chaparro 0.88

15. Luis Ogando 0.876

16. Austin Wells 0.875

17. Michael Beltre 0.871

18. Christopher Familia 0.846

19. Aaron Palensky 0.846

20. Jasson Dominguez 0.844

21. Dayro Perez 0.844

22. Oswaldo Cabrera 0.833

23. Derek Dietrich 0.829

24. Ryan LaMarre 0.827

25. Santiago Gomez 0.826

26. Blake Perkins 0.823

27. Kelvin Espino 0.822

28. Anthony Volpe 0.821

29. Estevan Florial 0.819

30. Everson Pereira 0.805

31. Brenny Escanio 0.799

32. Armando Alvarez 0.799

33. Miguel Andujar 0.797

34. Grant Richardson 0.797

35. Manuel Palencia 0.793

36. Dairy Arias 0.79

37. Roderick Arias 0.786

38. Fidel Montero 0.778

39. Ronald Guzman 0.778

40. Elijah Dunham 0.778

41. David Beckles 0.773

42. Johan Contreras 0.77

43. Trey Sweeney 0.769

44. Willy Montero 0.769

45. Anthony Garcia 0.768

46. Oswald Peraza 0.768

47. Anthony Seigler 0.76

48. Johan Ferreira 0.758

49. Cooper Bowman 0.755

50. Ben Rice 0.751

51. Juan Sanchez 0.75

52. Tyler Hardman 0.745

53. Mickey Gasper 0.742

54. Ben Cowles 0.742

55. Diomedes Hernandez 0.732

56. Eric Wagaman 0.709

57. Jake Bauers 0.709

58. TJ Rumfield 0.705

59. Jesus Bastidas 0.67

60. Ronny Rojas 0.695


Jan 03, 2023

This is productivity per at bat? So for someone with a rating of 1.0 every at bat (on average) is productive?

Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

It’s a little more complex than that. It takes into account overall production (runs produced, stolen bases,walks, total bases,etc) and divide by PA (minus sacrifices)

we just reposted the original series Yesterday. I suggest spending a few minutes looking at it to get a feel for it


Jan 03, 2023

Yes just give me a couple of hours

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!


Jan 03, 2023

six Yankee minor-leaguers, position players, ready for the bigs or about one season away.....

is there another AL team with a comparable complement on the cusp?

Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

Nothing too impressive

2010 montero .774

2009 Jackson .705

2011 montero .698

2005 Duncan .673

2016 Mateo .666

2019 Florial.661

2013 Williams .552

using V-Rating back then would have shown their stat line as mostly pedestrian

anyone else?

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