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It's About the Money

Start Spreading the News came from the old It's About the Money Yankees blog that was started in 2009 by Jason Rosenburg. Paul Semendinger (our Editor-in-Chief) became a writer for IIATMS in _____ and took full ownership over the blog from E.J. Fagan in late 2017.

See here for the complete IIATMS Archive on WordPress.


SSTN (Version 1)

After ownership of IIATMS was given to Paul Semendinger, the rebranding into Start Spreading the News began.

Originally, the website was going to be called "NYY Report" (hence our Twitter handle), but plans were scraped when writer Michael Saffer came up with a much better name.

The first version of a website stayed similar to IIATMS and was used for 2 years as SSTN started to find its place in the Yankees/baseball online blogging world.


SSTN (Version 2)

In 2019, the second version of SSTN launched which had its intents focused on turning the online weblog into looking more like an online publication.

This new design featured a new dedicated homepage and saw SSTN from it's 1 millionth to its 2.5 millionth pageview! 

See here for the complete SSTN Archive on WordPress.


SSTN (Version 3)

After years working with Squarespace, SSTN decided to go in a new direction and adopt Wix as their new web host.


This change brought about a large amount of creative freedoms for the website design and features accompanying the blog.


With rollout occurring with Opening Day 2022 for the New York Yankees, expect lots of (small) changes in the coming days, weeks, and months! 

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