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1.1 Million Thanks… Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Start Spreading the News

We are proud to announce that we just celebrated our second anniversary here at Start Spreading the News. It has been a wonderful, special, and most enjoyable ride.

Just two years ago, we re-branded the excellent site It’s About The Money as Start Spreading the News. We started small, but soon found a loyal and growing audience. In just two short years, we have had over 1.1 million page views. That seems amazing.

Running a vibrant daily blog is no easy task. It takes a great of time, energy, focus, and dedication. It’s also a labor of love.

I’d like to thank all the writers and contributors who have make all this possible. Our writers share in this labor of love and carry a lot of the weight. Writing game threads and recaps, unique articles, and features is also not easy. Just when you finish one article, it seems you have to do another. It can be a challenge to find or think of new topics to write about, yet these writers do day-after-day. Writing game summaries is also not always easy. The games get late and, especially if the Yankees lose, the element of fun turns to frustration, anger, or even dread. Yet our writers do it bringing passion and energy to each post. I wish to send a very sincere and very heartfelt “Thank You” to all of writers. We wouldn’t be where we are with out all of you. Thank you. You’re great!

All that being said, a group of people can write a blog, but it amounts to almost nothing unless there are readers out there who visit the site. I appreciate each and every visit each of you make and have made. I also appreciate all the feedback, the comments, and the ideas. We don’t always agree (even our writers don’t all agree), but the dialogue is always respectful, fun, and engaging. The debates add to the joy of being a Yankees fan. Thanks for sharing this love with us and being the critical element of the blog and our success.

As an all-too-early autumn and winter fall upon us, please know that we’ll be here every step of the way reporting on the Yankees’ moves (non-moves), and baseball in general. We will run our regular features and hopefully add a few more. If our readers have some ideas to make the site even better, we welcome those ideas.

It’s been a great two years. Thank you to all of you. I appreciate, greatly, that you take the time to spend with us.

It has been a great two years, but only one thing is missing – a World’s Championship for the Yankees. Let’s hope 2020 is the year that the Yankees once again fully climb the mountain and end as the champions of baseball.

Thanks again, my friends. Here’s to many more great years together!

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