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2022 ASG Ballot Update (6/22)

Aaron Judge is the #1 voted for player in the MLB, but the Yankees other players aren't doing so hot. Here's our latest ASG update!



Top Vote-Getter (Votes): Alejandro Kirk (1,057,008)

Yankees Player (Rank, Votes): Jose Trevino (#2, 387,983)

I am actually amazed that Jose Trevino has made it into the #2 spot for catchers at our first official ballot update. I figured when I did my ASG Ballot overview post, I was going out on a limb for the guy. However, Alejandro Kirk is the deserving candidate to win this spot as the American League catcher for this years midsummer classic. Kirk has played his way to a +2.8 bWAR/+2.3 fWAR season so far (both of which are Top-10 in the AL) as well as collecting 56/7/23 Hits/Home Runs/RBI's and an extended triple-slash of .304/.395/.473 (.868 OPS/147 OPS+/148 wRC+). For a comparison, Jose Trevino has a +1.9 bWAR/+1.8 fWAR.

If I could pick the team, I would agree with the fans and have both Kirk* and Trevino as my catchers.

Note: Players indicated with an asterisk would be my starters.


First Base:

Top Vote-Getter (Votes): Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (947,045)

Yankees Player (Rank, Votes): Anthony Rizzo (#3, 445,683)

Riding on two factors, Vladimir Guerrero has a comfortable lead at first base so far in the ASG voting. The first is that Canada as a whole always votes very heavily for Blue Jays players (which is why they have a candidate in the Top-3 at every position but DH) and because he had an amazing 2021 season. However, Ty France (who is in 2nd place) is much more deserving of a spot on the roster with his 3.1 bWAR/2.3 fWAR along 86/10/45 and .320/.395/.483 (.878 OPS/157 OPS+/150 wRC+). This isn't to say Vladito isn't playing well with his 2.1 bWAR/1.6 fWAR and 66/17/42 and a .265/.360/.506 (.866 OPS/144 OPS+/142 wRC+), but he's closer to Rizzo (1.7 bWAR/1.4 fWAR) than France. Special shout-out to Luis Arraez (4th place), who is crushing the ball this year with his 2.5 bWAR/2.0 fWAR, 74/4/24 and a .362/.442/.457 (.899 OPS/164 OPS+/160 wRC+) along with an AL-leading batting average and on-base percentage.

If I could pick the team, I would disagree with the fans and have France* and Arraez as my first base options as of now.


Second Base:

Top Vote-Getter (Votes): Jose Altuve (710,708)

Yankees Player (Rank, Votes): Gleyber Torres (#4, 379,095)

I will never not talk bad about Jose Altuve, but to be fair he's been good again this year with a 1.4 bWAR/1.6 fWAR and figures of 56/13/24 and .273/.346/.517 (.864 OPS/146 OPS+/150 wRC+) but he's definitely not the best second base option. Andres Gimenez (3rd place) looks to be very comfortable in Cleveland with his 2.6 bWAR/2.0 fWAR, 54/7/33 and a .305/.344/.497 (.841 OPS/139 OPS+/139 wRC+) and would be my first option. Following him could be the defense-first Santiago Espinal (2nd place) who is having a good season with a 1.7 bWAR/1.6 fWAR combo, and Gleyber Torres has also come back to form with his 2.6 bWAR/1.4 fWAR season. Ultimately, I think Gleyber becomes a last-man ballot player.

For second base, I would pick Andres Gimenez* and (against my better judgement) Jose Altuve.


Third Base:

Top Vote-Getter (Votes): Rafael Devers (727,669)

Yankees Player (Rank, Votes): DJ LeMahieu (#4, 281,955)

You can't argue against Rafael Devers leading the third baseman vote. He is currently the top player in the AL by both bWAR and fWAR in 2022. He's having an amazing season and even showing some progress with the glove. He is currently rocking a 3.9 bWAR/4.0 fWAR with 90/16/43 and a .328/.383/.599 (.981 OPS/168 OPS+/174 wRC+). He'd be in. Following Devers is the obvious #2 candidate as well in Jose Ramirez. He's a constant AL MVP contender and is showing it again with a Top-3 showing in both bWAR and fWAR as well. He has a 3.4 bWAR/3.9 fWAR, a 70/16/62, and a .303/.393/.636 (1.030 OPS/191 OPS+/187 wRC+).

Ultimately, the fans are right here, both Rafael Devers* and Jose Ramirez make my 2022 AL All-Star team.



Top Vote-Getter (Votes): Bo Bichette (585,744)

Yankees Player (Rank, Votes): Isiah Kiner-Falefa (#5, 187,755)

The Toronto/Canada favoritism shows heavily here at shortstop with Bo Bichette leading the way with his 1.3 bWAR/1.2 fWAR. He's so far from being an honest All-Star candidate that I'm going to move completely over him for players #2 and #3 in the voting respectively. Tim Anderson has not won himself any favors when he comes to playing in New York for the rest of his career, but he is a much better option by his statistics with a 1.9 bWAR/2.3 fWAR, a 62/5/19, and a .358/.397/.497 (.894 OPS/155 OPS+/160 wRC+). Xander Bogaerts would also be a better candidate with his 2.9 bWAR/3.3 fWAR, a 84/6/31, and a .335/.397/.486 (.883 OPS/144 OPS+/150 wRC+). This position alone makes me wish fan voting was limited. Shout-out to Jeremy Pena, who would make the team if I was giving each position 3 players.

The fans are homers. Let's go with two non-liked Yankees players to show my lack of bias. Welcome to the team, Xander Bogaerts* and Tim Anderson. (Hey, I didn't say I'm infallible! Tim Anderson can start the game on the bench.)



Top Vote-Getter (Votes): Aaron Judge (1,512,368)

Yankees Players (Rank, Votes): Giancarlo Stanton (#4, 504,537) & Joey Gallo (#15, 156,877)

Without going overboard with the stats, there are two locks who need no other discussion for my outfield. Aaron Judge and Mike Trout. Filling the four remaining spots becomes harder. Of note, other players I'd consider would be:

Kyle Tucker (10th in voting): 3.4 bWAR/2.5 fWAR, 57/13/45, .261/.355/.491 (.845/142/145)

Giancarlo Stanton (4th in voting): 0.9 bWAR/1.1 fWAR, 49/14/42, .249/.332/.487 (.819/135/132)

Byron Buxton (6th in voting): 2.3 bWAR/2.5 fWAR, 44/19/33, .228/.312/.570 (.882/151/148)

Taylor Ward (5th in voting): 2.3 bWAR/2.4 fWAR, 53/11/28, .312/.409/.571 (.980/178/181)

Julio Rodriguez (12th in voting): 2.2 bWAR/2.1 fWAR, 70/9/32, .272/.335/.436 (.770/125/127)

George Springer (3rd in voting): 2.0 bWAR/1.7 fWAR, 61/13/34, .260/.333/.489 (.823/132/129)

Of these 6 remaining players, it's clear that Kyle Tucker is a starting candidate. Thus, we have 3 spots for 5 remaining players. Let's remove Springer because he's a clear Toronto overvote (all 3 Blue Jays outfielders are in the Top-8 of fan voting...), and let's also be fair and remove Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton could very well play his way onto the All-Star team, but his injury and recent slump are holding him back for me over Ward, Buxton, and Rodriguez.

Thus, my 6 outfielders would be Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, Kyle Tucker, Taylor Ward, Byron Buxton, and Julio Rodriguez.


Designated Hitter:

Top Vote-Getter (Votes): Yordan Alvarez (835,669)

Yankees Player (Rank, Votes): Josh Donaldson (#6, 174,618)

Yordan Alvarez is another clear candidate for the All-Star Game and not even by his fan vote either. He has a 3.1 bWAR/3.0 fWAR, 67/19/49, .312/.405/.633 (1.037/195/195). That's with an AL and MLB-leading OPS and OPS+. Yeah, easy choice here. The tougher call goes between the #2 and #3 vote getters. Shohei Ohtani (#2) is playing well with his 2.6 bWAR/1.2 fWAR, 68/15/45, .260/.331/.489 (.820/132/130), though J.D. Martinez (#3) is also playing well with his 1.6 bWAR/1.8 fWAR, 76/8/30, .330/.396/.535 (.931/156/162).

Ultimately, I go with the fans and pick Yordan Alvarez* and Shohei Ohtani.


Ethan's 2022 All-Star Starts and Reserves:

Catcher: Alejandro Kirk (TOR) & Jose Trevino (NYY)

First Base: Ty France (SEA) & Luis Arraez (MIN)

Second Base: Andres Gimenez (CLE) & Jose Altuve (HOU)

Third Base: Rafael Devers (BOS) & Jose Ramirez (CLE)

Shortstop: Xander Bogaerts (BOS) & Tim Anderson (CWS)

Outfield (6): Aaron Judge (NYY), Mike Trout (LAA), Kyle Tucker (HOU), Taylor Ward (LAA), Byron Buxton (MIN), and Julio Rodriguez (SEA)

Designated Hitter: Yordan Alvarez (HOU) & Shohei Ohtani (LAA)

Teams Represented: BOS (x2), CLE (x2), CWS, HOU (x3), LAA (x3), MIN (x2), NYY (x2), SEA (x2), TOR

Teams Not Represented: BAL, DET, KC, OAK, TBR, TEX


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