• Paul Semendinger

Aaron Boone Returning for 2023

By Paul Semendinger

October 26., 2022


The Yankees, as tone deaf as Aaron Boone was to think that showing the 2004 Yankees' collapse would motivate his club , already have indicated that Aaron Boone will be returning to manage the club in 2023.

For the Yankees, as I see it, it seems clear, winning a World Series is not the ultimate goal.

Boone's record in the post season is 14-17. Over a five year career, he has shown no real growth as the mistakes he made as a rookie manager were present throughout the postseason this year as well.

In this year's postseason, Boone couldn't figure out who his shortstop was. He also had no clue who his leadoff hitter was. He made bad pitching decisions one after the next. Boone's teams have not shown much hustle. A supposed great communicator, he did not communicate well with numerous players in the postseason as reported through various outlets. A manager who would supposedly help the young players develop, he showed an extreme reluctance to play his young talent, for years, and no young position player has made any growth under his leadership.

Aaron Boone might be a great guy. He might be a lot of fun to be with. But as a manger, he has not been one who has been able to get the Yankees to the World Series. In addition, the team's performance this year through most of the second half was a disaster. Boone throughout had no answers.

It looks like fans will get another year, at least, of this.

As far as I am concerned, this is a bad look for the Yankees. It shows that they do not value winning. As an article that will be published in the coming days shows, no Yankees manager has ever had as long as Boone has had to deliver a championship.

If one hears, "The Yankees are all about championships," don't believe it. I'd also recommend not buyingany Yankees championship merchandise until the win World Series #28. They've made a lot of money off #27. It is not something they should be marketing. When the Yankees won those 27 championships, especially the ones since 1996, there was a very specific and stated goal - to win it all. It is clear that that is no longer the case.

The Yankees continue to reward a long stretch of postseason failure.

According to the linked NY Post article above, Hal Steinbrenner stated of Boone, "I believe he is a very good manager." I'm not sure what games Mr. Steinbrenner is watching, because even among the most loyal Yankees supporters, Boone's ability to manage games has always been in question.

More to come...

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