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About Yesterday Afternoon: The YankeesLost 3-1

About Yesterday Afternoon: The Yankees Were Beaten By the Braves 3-1

By Tim Kabel

June 24, 2024


The Yankees lost the game yesterday. They lost the series against the Braves They lost the homestand. They did not lose their hold on first place but, it is not a strong hold. It's as if they are holding a glass ball with soapy hands. The Yankees also lost Giancarlo Stanton with a hamstring injury. It is reportedly a four-week timetable for his return. He usually takes longer than the projected time. At best, he will be back at the end of July. Don't forget, it always takes him some time after coming back to round into form. I think it's safe to say that the best of Giancarlo Stanton’s 2024 has already happened. Let's hope that the same is not true for the Yankees as a team.


As an aside, I sent my wife to her first the Yankees game since the 1990s along with my 77-year-old sister, who was attending her first game ever. There was some trouble with their tickets and the Yankees were going to have then thrown out. However, Jose Trevino was in charge of the process, so they made it to their seats.


Quick Stats – 


·       The Yankees lost their last three series.


·       The Yankees lost four games on this homestand. They were all to left-handed starters.


·       The Yankees struck out nine times and didn’t draw a walk.


·       The Yankees remain in first place by a game and a half over the Orioles. They now go on the road for six games against the Mets and the Blue Jays. Ideally, they can rack up some wins but with the way they have played lately, who knows? 


·       Giancarlo Stanton was placed on the IL for the eighth time in six years. Instead of calling it the IL, they should call it the Stanton list.


·       During the game, the Yankees traded for JD Davis. Before you get too excited, he was released by the A’s. He was batting .236 with four home runs. 


·      On June 23, 1988, Billy Martin was fired for the fifth and final time as Yankees manager. Unfortunately, history did not repeat itself this year.


The Big Story –


Right now, the Yankees look lackluster and ordinary. They have lost three series in a row. They lost the homestand. They did not do well against tough competition. They have more unproductive spots in the lineup than productive ones. The bullpen is a disaster. The starting rotation has come back to earth. They lost Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton to injuries this week. Jasson Dominguez is also injured. They don't look like a very good team right now. The flaws of the Yankees are becoming larger and more obvious. Some could just be temporary and fixed easily. Others are not. There is trouble in River City.

Player of the Game – 


Ben Rice had two hits and looks like he belongs.


Notable Performances –


Trent Grisham also had two hits. He and Rice were only playing because Stanton and Rizzo are on the IL. Yet, they accounted for four of the Yankees’ seven hits.

Better to Forget – 


DJ LeMahieu and Gleyber Torres were hitless again. Torres is now batting .218 and LeMahieu is batting .185. They will both probably start against the Mets on Tuesday.


My Take –  


Some readers have taken me to task for comparing Aaron Boone to Stump Merrill. I understand why they might feel that way. After all, Boone's teams have won. Well, they have won more than they have lost. BUT - they have never made it to the World Series. They have never won the World Series. Boone's teams have won more games than Stump Merrill’s teams. However, I think it's fair to say that Aaron Boone’s teams have had a lot more talent than those helmed by Mr. Merrill. I will amend my position to state this. Aaron Boone is Stump Merrill with more talented players.


I know there are some people who think that Aaron Boone just sits in the manager's office, blowing bubbles and makes no decisions whatsoever. I don't believe that. I think he makes the lineups and makes in-game decisions. He might receive some suggestions about who to play but, ultimately, he makes the calls. Think about this, Aaron Boone has a very well-developed and healthy ego. He believes that he was a very good baseball player. He believes that he is a very good manager. You can tell this by the way he responds to questions from the media. There is an arrogance about him. That's all well and good but, he hasn't won anything. I do think that he makes decisions regarding the team on the field. Many of his decisions whether in preparing the lineup or regarding in-game strategy, have been questionable and have shown poor judgment and bad baseball instincts. The talent that the Yankees put on the field on an everyday basis has masked his ineffective managerial style. Now that the team is having issues with injuries and ineffectiveness, Boone’s ineptitude is being exposed and magnified. Again, the difference between Aaron Boone and Stump Merrill is a much more talented roster on the side of Boone.


Next Up – 


Tuesday, the Yankees will open the first part of the 2024 Subway Series with the first game of a two-game series hosted by the Mets. The game will start at 7:10 PM at Citi Field. Gerrit Cole (0-0, 4.50 ERA) will face the Mets’ David Peterson, (3-0, 3.97 ERA). 


Jun 24

Mr Kabel, I have often found myself in agreement with you. I think if anyone is keeping track, they realize that i am pretty much in TOTAL agreement with you on Mr Boone. that said, I feel like this take on the team is a bit glass half empty. I guess 2022 and 2023 could do that to a Yankee fan

every team DOES go through ups and downs in a season

some point out that the Yankees recent "downs" appear to have come against the good teams.

it is true they have recently played the Dodgers, Orioles, and Braves

it does happen to be VERY VERY unfortunate that Soto missed all the Dodgers games

2 of the 3 games…


Alan B.
Alan B.
Jun 24

I disagree with you of how much autonomy Boone has. But on the flip side, Boone knew his parameters when he agreed to take the job way back, so any bad press, he knew he'd be given. I believe this is Year 2 Yankees being able to of having an analytics guy permanently parked in the clubhouse. If you want me to go off on that rant, let me know, but I'm trying to be nice here. I just might have to email my thoughts to SSTN first, because I probably go over the line if I just pressed the PUBLISH button.

All the injuries in the minors, really hurt the Yankees ability to call up a direct replacement for…


Jun 24

Keeping it in perspective, over this ugly team slump (3-7) we are now freaking out about, the orioles have gone 4-6 in their last 10 and the Dodgers and Phillies went

5-5. Ups and downs during the 162 are a part of life. If this continues, and lets say they go 20-25 over the next 45 games, we will have cause for concern. I'm not there yet. Good teams pull themselves up and out of slumps, I'm gonna let them fight before evaluating the season. They have 82 games left. A lot can still happen, and a Bucky Dent moment may still be in the cards.


Jun 24

Right now, the Yankees look lackluster and ordinary. They have lost three series in a row. They lost the homestand. They did not do well against tough competition. They have more unproductive spots in the lineup than productive ones.

I blame Billy Martin

as well as Stump Merrill

it's unsatisfying to accept failure as being a product of inferior play against accomplished opponents,

even when the failure occurs in the midst of extended superior play.

it's confusing and a bit frightening

it might cause people to question the validity of the overall superior play

and occasion fear that superiority will be no more.


Jun 24

"On June 23, 1988, Billy Martin was fired for the fifth and final time as Yankees manager. Unfortunately, history did not repeat itself this year."

If history repeated itself, Aaron Boone would have had to first get into a fight with a marshmallow salesman.

Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
Jun 24
Replying to

Nowadays, managers don't seem to wear uniform jerseys in the dugout either. Managers and coaches today are instead wearing hoodies or pullover sweatshirts.

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