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Accidents Will Happen

By Ed Botti

October 13, 2022


Inasmuch as the powers that be at MLB thought it would be a good idea to have the AL East winning NY Yankees play 1 game since October 5, played on October 11. Then have October 12 an off day, only to see today’s game (October 13) most likely rained out, there is not much to discuss that hasn’t been spoken about or written about hundreds times locally and nationally in the past week about this series.

I do have a question or two for the Commissioner and his “staff” that designed this playoff schedule/format; have any of you people ever played this game? Do you understand that Baseball is game that has organic flow to it? You force Terry Francona and his AL Central Champion Guardians to play 2 games (24 innings) in 28 hours, then have them sit in a hotel room while anyone with a weather APP could have told you on Monday that NYC was going to have a 70% chance of rain on Thursday at 7PM. So, why not play Wednesday when it was 72 degrees and sunny in the Bronx?

Either you think you are so much smarter than everyone else, or you only think about one thing --$$$$.

Sometimes you should think about the players, and maybe once in a while think about the fans.

OK, now that I got that off my chest, I saw an interesting development prior to the Phillies - Braves series. Apparently ex Yankee right hander David Robertson injured his calf while jumping up and down celebrating Bryce Harper’s home run on Saturday. Robertson is injured and is not on the Phillies Wild Card playoff roster.

That turn of events started me thinking about some of the other weird injuries and ailments that have happened in MLB over the years.

So, in no particular order, here are some that come to mind or that I have read about over the years.

Photo: Topeka Capital-Journal

George Brett while at home doing laundry had the TV on and was watching a game. Bill Buckner, an old friend, was announced to hit so he ran out to see his at bat and smashed his foot on the door and broke his toe. He had to go on the DL.

Marlins outfielder Chris Coughlin tore his meniscus in an effort to give his teammate a shaving cream pie in the face after a walk-off win.

Jonathan Lucroy once landed on the DL with a broken hand. He was looking for one of his socks under his bed and his wife moved a piece of luggage that then fell on his hand and caused what’s known as a “boxer’s fracture.”

Happy go lucky Milton Bradley tore his ACL while being restrained from arguing what he thought was a bad call from an umpire.

Carlos Correa fractured his rib while getting a massage.

Ted Power during a bench clearing brawl jumped up to run on the field and strained a calf muscle.

David Cone was injured when his mother-in-law's dog bit him on the hand.

Atlanta Braves closer Cecil Upshaw missed an entire season when his ring got caught on an awning as he tried to demonstrate his slam dunk move.

Photo AP

Joe DiMaggio hadn't even begun his Major League career when a minor foot injury in Spring Training sent him for treatment. A device called a diathermy machine was too hot, and DiMaggio burned his foot badly. After a few weeks to heal, his Hall of Fame career began.

Carl Pavano once lacerated his spleen after a snow shoveling accident.

Mark DeRosa, who was already on the disabled list with a left oblique strain, aggravated his injury after Bryce Harper high-fived him after stealing home.

While celebrating Met teammate Johan Santana’s no hitter Ramon Ramirez strained his right hamstring during the postgame celebration.

Hanley Ramirez, angry over grounding out, cut his hand when he punched an electric fan in the dugout.

Clarence Blethen, a Red Sox rookie pitcher in 1923 thought he looked tougher without his false teeth when he was on the mound. Apparently he didn't think to put them back in his mouth while he batted. During a game he slide into second base and got bitten on his butt by his own teeth and was removed from the game for excessive bleeding.

Cubs' pitcher Ryan Dempster fractured his right big toe while jumping over the dugout railing to celebrate a Cub victory. He ended up on the DL

Nolan Ryan was once injured from being bitten by a coyote.

Joba Chamberlain, while working his way back from elbow surgery, dislocated his right ankle while playing with his 5-year-old son on a trampoline.

Luke Scott once pulled a hamstring during a home run trot.

AJ Burnett took out his frustration on a pair of swinging doors and slammed his open hands into the doors. He cut them up so bad he had to be pulled from a game after hitting a batter and throwing a wild pitch.

Wade Boggs while having an outstanding season for the Red Sox and was close to hitting .400, injured his ribs and back while trying to pull off his cowboy boots.

Braves Hall of Famer John Smoltz burned his chest while ironing a shirt he was wearing.

Yoenis Cespedes, who owned a ranch in Florida, was chased by a wild boar leading him to run and step into a hole. He fractured his ankle.

Pitcher Steve Sparks dislocated his shoulder tearing a phone book in half.

Hunter Pence suffered cuts on his knee and right index finger from walking through a sliding glass door at his apartment while hot-tubbing with a female friend.

After arthroscopic shoulder surgery, a demotion to the minors, and a fight with reporters, Randy Keisler was bitten by a rattlesnake in his backyard.

Oddibie McDowell, while attending the Rangers' annual welcome home luncheon, attempted to butter a slice of bread and sliced his right hand open and landed on the DL.

Pat Dobson’s season ended when his teammate Wayne Redmond jumped up in the air when he saw a mouse. He landed on Dobson’s foot ending his season.

John Tudor, Cardinals ace, was pounded by Mets catcher Barry Lyons as he attempted to catch a foul ball. The ball stayed foul, but Tudor's knee was shattered.

Glenallen Hill had a nightmare about being attacked by spiders, jumped out of bed, crashed through a glass table, and bounced off the wall.

Giant pitcher Matt Cain ended up on the 15-day DL with a cut on his right index finger suffered making a sandwich in the Giants’ team kitchen.

Doug Mirabelli once sprained his wrist trying to swing David Ortiz's large bat. He missed 21 games.

Aroldis Chapman was placed on injured list due to a leg infection he got getting a tattoo.

James Kaprielian missed a start with a right middle finger cut suffered the night before when he hit a wall putting on a shirt.

Twins Marty Cordova fell asleep in a tanning bed. The team Doctor said he needed to stay out of the sun, so he couldn’t play.

Outfielder Bret Barberie missed a game after he rubbed chili juice in his eyes.

Pitcher Greg Harris strained his pitching elbow flicking sunflower seeds. He learned his lesson as he was later seen trying to flick teammates with sunflower seeds, this time using his non-throwing arm.

Brewer Will Smith tore his lateral collateral ligament, taking off his shoes to get into the shower after a game. He missed most of the season.

Mets’ Max Scherzer was bitten on his pitching hand by his dog while recovering from an oblique strain.

Archie Bradley suffered a right elbow fracture after he fell over the dugout railing on his way on the field during a fight.

Padre outfielder Adam Eaton stabbed himself in the stomach while trying to remove the plastic wrap off of a new CD.

Jonathan Villar was injured when an exercise band he was using snapped back into his mouth, causing damage that required significant dental work.

Photo by AP

Ricky Henderson missed some games due to frostbite when he fell asleep with an ice pack on his injured foot.

During the 2006 post season Tiger pitcher Joel Zumaya injured his wrist while playing Guitar Hero. He would miss the majority of their run to the World Series.

Brian Roberts concussion problems all started after a strike out and he hit himself in the helmet. He would never play more than 91 games a year for the rest of his career due to concussion issues.

Sammy Sosa once sneezed so hard that he sprained a ligament in his lower back, forcing him to the DL.

Giant’s third baseman Chris Brown pulled himself out of the lineup due to a strained eyelid he said he suffered from sleeping on it wrong.

Devin Williams fractured his right hand punching a wall in the hours following the Brewers' National League Central-clinching victory.

Trevor Bauer had his ALCS start pushed back a game after he cut his pinky finger fixing a drone.

Cody Bellinger had to have surgery to repair the right shoulder he dislocated during a home run celebration gone awry in the National League Championship Series.

Marlins pitcher Ricky Bones strained his lower back getting out of a recliner while watching TV in the team clubhouse.

Blake Snell while getting out of the shower, saw a decorative stand in the hotel bathroom and tried to move it. The stand was in two parts and one of the parts, which was made of granite, landed on his right foot and broke his toe.

Kendrys Morales broke his left ankle in the celebration at home plate after he hit a game winning grand slam.

Vince Coleman in pre-game warmups during the 1985 National League Championship Series was run over by Busch Stadium's automatic tarpaulin, injuring his leg. The machine was rolling out as rain began during batting practice. He would miss the remainder of the series.

Mets starter Jason Isringhausen punched a garbage can (no, not in Houston) and broke his wrist.

Hall of Famer Tom Glavine got food poisoning on an airplane and threw up so hard that he cracked 2 ribs.

Royal’s Salvador Pérez was walking with his luggage into a hotel, missed a step, hyperextended his knee, and was ultimately diagnosed with a Grade 2 MCL tear.

Brandon Morrow suffered a back injury by taking off his pants while getting undressed.

Jeremy Affeldt has had a few weird injuries.

While trying to separate frozen hamburger patties with a knife cut his hand leading to surgery to repair his nerve damage.

He came home from a game and his 4 year son ran into his arms to play. He shifted his weight to catch his son, and his knee popped and he sprained his MCL.

On another occasion while playing with his kids, he slipped stepping off an inflatable platform in a lake, which injured a joint in his left knee.

Photo USA TODAY Sports

Last but not Least, although the details were sketchy, New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner suffered a broken right hand and a cut lip in a fight with two young Los Angeles Dodger fans in an elevator during the 1981 World Series.

Just few that I though you might find interesting, humorous, or even flat out weird.

Every Major Leaguer wants to stay on the field, but accidents will happen!

Enjoy the rest of the series and playoffs!

Todays Fact: Derek Jeter put together a fantastic post season resume: In 33 post season series (the most in MLB history) he batted .308 with 111 runs, 200 hits and 20 home runs in 158 games.

No wonder he has 5 rings!


Oct 14, 2022

Great list, fun to see some of those odd happenings, we sometimes forget these guys are normal people. You could add Chapman’s tattoo infection to that list.

To your first point, MLB does a terrible job of being proactive regarding things like the weather and rescheduling games.

Aaron Judge had a great year, continues to struggle in the post season, watching game 2 and he has 1

walk and 7 strike outs.


Oct 13, 2022



Oct 13, 2022

Oct 13, 2022
Replying to

I think to Jim Morrison…every day was strange!

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