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  • Ethan Semendinger

Breaking News: Aaron - Judge & Captain

During today's press conference, Hal Steinbrenner has announced Judge will become the 16th captain in Yankees history!


Breaking News Tweets:


Ethan's Thoughts:

Some super quick notes as I was putting together this post. Derek Jeter walked out with Aaron Judge. Willie Randolph was also in attendance. Two former Yankees captains came out to support this decision. That's a really good look for the Yankees, especially considering how those players have been vocal in recent years about the way that the Yankees historically treated them and others. There is nothing more that I would like to learn that the times have changed from those negative feelings between the organization and players and I think this is a good sign that time may have helped heal those wounds.

To further comment on former Yankees captains being (or not being) there: Of the 16 captains in Yankees history, 6 are still living and half of them were in attendance. It is no surprise that Graig Nettles was not in attendance (he had a huge falling out with the Yankees after his career). Same with Don Mattingly, who is now a member of the rival Toronto Blue Jays. And, I honestly don't know enough about the Yankees to comment on Ron Guidry's absence. If somebody has any better indications about why he may not have been there, please let me know!

Also: Congrats to Aaron Judge. There has been no more deserving player on this team since Derek Jeter's retirement to take over the important role and I am proud that the Yankees are doing this. Though I was hesitant on making a deal like they did (purely for financial reasons), I have no reason to believe anything other than Aaron Judge being a stand-up person. He's been fantastic with the media, with his teammates and coaches, and (maybe most importantly) the fans since he broke into the MLB and I am proud to say that I am a fan of his. He makes it easy to root for him, and that's an awesome thing to say.


Honestly, that's all I have to say right now. It's a huge honor for Aaron Judge and I am confident he's the guy who will wear it proudly and represent the Yankees organization well for the rest of his playing days. Additionally, if this didn't cement it forever: Aaron Judge is going to get his number retired in the years following his retirement.

Congrats, Aaron!

Now, lead us to a championship! The Yankees are looking very good for next year. Just a few more moves to make them perfect and we'll be looking great.

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