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BREAKING: Ohtani Investigation


March 22, 2024



My initial reactions:

  • There's an old saying, "If there is smoke, there is fire." This doesn't seem good for the Ohtani, for the Dodgers, or Major League Baseball.

  • I have to wonder if the next big news to drop is that Ohtani is suspended pending the results of the investigation. That has to be the way they move forward, no? Have there been other MLB investigations without a paid suspension? (I am asking sincerely. I hope some readers know the facts here. I do not.)

  • My biggest reaction - I am sad. I wanted Ohtani to be a Yankee when he first came to the USA. I have always rooted for him. I love to watch exciting players. Ohtani was a treasure - a once in a century type of player.

  • This is a cautionary tale for all. In regard to gambling, sports and gambling do not mix. They are too attached already. A commissioner or a league with guts would break off all the connections regardless of the financial implications. Yes, the league will lose money. But, other businesses will jump in a buy up a lot of the ad space.

  • I hope Ohtani is innocent. I hope, somehow, he wasn't involved and didn't make terrible decisions.

  • But, if Ohtani was involved in illegial gambling, or he bet on baseball, the league has to enact its harshest punishments on him.

  • These next days, weeks, and months, will be very interesting for the player and the sport. In no small terms, the integrity of the sport could be at stake. MLB must do the right thing here.

  • Again, my strongest emotion here is one of sadness. This wasn't the way to begin the 2024 MLB season...


Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
Mar 23

I don't know, but my guess is there has to be enough of an investigation to assess probable cause (or whatever the standard is under the Collective Bargaining Agreement) of a violation of MLB rules before someone can be suspended, unless they agree to a suspension pending resolution. Otherwise, it's the basis for a labor grievance, and I can imagine an arbitrator enjoining the suspension if he/she thinks MLB hasn't provided enough proof.


Mar 23

Or did the interpreter make bets for Ohanti

Mar 23
Replying to

No one knows the "truth" at this stage of the investigation. But the fact that the question that Ohtani may have been making the bets arises is the crux of the problem. From this day forward, there will always be suspicion about Ohtani, deserved or not. And that's because ,

for the millionth time, sports and gambling do not mix.


Mar 23

It’s way early on, but my initial gut instinct is that the interpreter made the bets and Shohei paid off the bookie to help him out. While that seems innocuous enough, that is technically a crime in itself (since you are contributing in a bookie collecting illegal gambling money). If that’s found to be true, he will definitely be facing some sanctions in the near future. The fact that the story changed almost immediately screams of a coverup. Either way, it’s a shame.


Mar 23

what MLB terms an "investigation" was unavoidable given the ongoing criminal investigation of the gambler which turned up evidence of Mizuhara's and Ohtani's involvement.

it's far too early to draw conclusions as to whether Mizuhara duped an initially innocent Ohtani..... which is likely the conclusion that MLB and the Dodgers would prefer.


Alan B.
Alan B.
Mar 22

I have so many questions. Like:

If the Feds had Ohtani's name because of them investigating the bookie since January, when did they let MLB, or even Ohtani know?

Did Ohtani pay off the debts or was it really stolen? So many other questions based on the answer either way.

To sideline Ohtani or not via the administrative leave? If Ohtani really did pay off the debts, sideline him immediately. Why? Integrity of the Game.

Was Ohtani just another athlete that really had no idea about his money as long as he had money to spend. Dominique Wilkins? Evander Holyfirld, and Mike Tyson are just 3 athletes off the top of my head who had recently gotten married, their new…

Mar 23
Replying to

As I understand it, Ohtani really did pay his interpreter to settle his interpreter's debt, "as a favor for a friend" and to ensure that his "friend" would "never ever do this again". The money definitely was not "stolen" from Ohtani, because I strongly doubt that his interpreter would have access to Ohtan's bank account, unless he somehow got a hold of Ohtani debit card and somehow knew the password, which i doubt very much. And his interpreter certainly wouldn't have Power Of Attorney of Ohtani's bank account, since Ohtani is very much "of sound mind and body" and not incapacitated in any way.

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