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Game 79: Atlanta (42-31) vs New York (51-27)


Who's Hot? The Weather

Who's Not: The Yankees (last 6 games, 1-5)

Needing a stopper, the Yanks start Storman who has a better road record than home record.

Torres is back!! Oh well.

DJ gets night off.

Wells gets to squat.



Kelenic, CF -- .268

Albies, 2B -- .266

Ozuna, DH -- .311

Olson, 1B -- .251

Riley, 3B -- .254

d'Arnaud, C -- .240

Laureano, RF -- .184

Wall, LF -- .333

Arcia, SS -- .214

Morton, P -- 4-3, 3.91



Volpe, SS -- .272 (113)

Soto, RF -- .304 (183)

Judge, CF -- .301 (207)

Verdugo, LF -- .254 (106)

Stanton, DH -- .244 (124)

Rice, 1B -- .182 (45)

Torres, 2B -- .221 (87)

Wells, C -- .210 (80)

Cabrera, 3B -- .231 (75)

Stroman, P -- 6-3, 3.08


Game on FOX at 7 pm


NEXT UP: Sunday, June 23rd, 1:30 pm, vs Atlanta


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23 Haz
23 Haz
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it will be another TOUGH matchup tomorrow. Fried has been hot. i am still hoping they put Rice in the lineup. I would like to see what he learned after facing Sale and if he can get a knock tomorrow off Fried

hoping Soto builds off of a great day today. I would guess he is a bit upset with his performance vs Sale and could be looking to take his revenge on Fried

what will the move be with stanton? IL tomorrow with a move to bring someone up? if that is the case, I would love to see Rumfeld. he could play 1b with Rice in the DH spot

i REALLY wish we would not start Trevy. i…


23 Haz

I dont think anyone mentioned it yet

Os lost again to Houston

scored 1 run

after what we have seen in 7 games vs Yankees

but what they do against everyone else

it appears that the young Os get very jacked up for the Yankees, but have some difficulty keeping their focus on a daily basis

and for everyone totally discounting the Yankees record vs Houston this year, Houston had pretty much everyone except Verlander for the season opening series. Houston does and always has also always gotten up for the Yankees. and Houston is playing better and only 3 games back of Seattle in the loss column


23 Haz

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soto just got TOTALLY robbed on a called strike 3

should have been on base for the 5th time

hey, i know he has been in what for him looks like a slump. but he still is on base a lot. there is NO WAY to overestimate the offensive value of Juan Soto

23 Haz
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ump had a VERY HOT date after the game. needed to get it over with

even with recent mini slump Soto still leads all of baseball in OBP (Judge second)

Soto is more than .30 ahead of EVERY player in MLB with exceptions of Judge, Profar, Betts, Ohtani, and Freeman

one of those names does not seem to belong, haha

I wish the Padres would drop off the wild card pace and the Yankees could see if they would be reasonable about giving up Profar. he is playing for ONE million dollars this year, would have basically zero impact on yankees ability to pay other players


Alan B.
Alan B.
23 Haz

Any comment about from anyone that Aaron Judge is passing on the Homerun Derby? My take: Being Aaron Judge, you really shouldn't be skipping the event. Skip the game itself if you want to. But I get why he is.

23 Haz
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I'd like him to play right field

but he really is a team player

and willing to go the extra mile

and do whatever he can to maximize the team's effectiveness.

my hope is that the other players take note of his generosity of spirit


23 Haz

Post reporting yanks signed Chasen Shreve.

Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
23 Haz
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