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I Am Thankful…. For All of You! (by Paul Semendinger)

I am thankful for this Yankees or baseball memory….

Twenty five months ago, I had this idea to assume the responsibility for running this Yankees blog. It has been a wonderful and very special experience.

The success of this blog comes because of you – our readers. Thank you for reading our words, for sharing you love of baseball, and for your loyal following.

I am thankful that we have become so popular. I hear, all the time, that our blog is so many people’s favorite Yankees blog. Those words mean so much to me. So, so much. Keeping this thing going takes a ton of time every single day, but it’s a labor of love. I love writing, I love sharing, and I love the interactions with all of you.

Thank you for stopping by each day. Thank you for helping to make us so successful.

This blog wouldn’t be what it is without the work of so many. On this day of Thanksgiving I’d like to thank all of the following people who helped to make Start Spreading the News a reality and who wrote, offered guest posts, and/or supported us in different ways along the way. Each of these people is part of the SSTN community. I am thankful for each of you…

Ethan Semendinger (my son and partner in this venture)

Derek Albin

Ed Botti

Joe Brown

James Carothers

Phil Cashier

Michael Caulfield

Brian Cataquet

Tamar Chalker

Brian Chinni, Jr.

Donna Clovis

Matthew Cohen

Keith R.A. DeCandido

E.J. Fagan

Jordan Fiedel


Jacob Gaba

Nick Greco

Patrick Gunn

Nate Herman

Rudy Lopes

Robert Malchman

Frankie Mandile

Derek McAdam

Lincoln Mitchell

Sean Oldread

Brandon Reiter

John Rizzo

Mike Rook

Jason Rosenberg

Michael Saffer

Alex Semendinger

Janet Semendinger

Paul Semendinger

Ryan Semendinger

Rob Skead

Andy Singer

William Tasker

Mike Whiteman

(…and a super special thanks to my wonderful wife, Laurie, for all her love and for putting up with all this blog stuff…)


You have my most sincere thanks, appreciation, and admiration!


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