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King Sized Old Time Cup of Coffee Yankees

by Paul Semendinger

March 1, 2024


We've been having fun making positional lists of Yankees players:

Here are old-time long time Major Leaguers Hall of Famers, All-Stars, or at least big time names who were Yankees, but who are not, necessarily remembered for being Yankees.

I compiled a list of moden players a few weeks ago. Here are some old-timers, all who played for the Yankees prior to 1980.

C- Branch Rickey (Hall-of-Fame) - Played in 52 games in 1907

1B- Frank Chance (Hall-of-Fame) - Played 13 games over two seasons (1913-14)

George Burns (1926 MVP) - Played 13 games for the

Yankees over two seasons (1928-29)

2B- Lonny Frey (3x All-Star) - Played 25 games for the Yankees over two seasons (1947-48)

SS- Woodie Held (14 year MLB player) - Played 5 games for the Yankees over two seasons

(1954 and 1957)

3B- Bill McKechnie (Hall-of-Fame) - Played in 45 games in 1913

LF- Rocky Colavito (9 time All-Star) - Played in 39 games in 1968

Lefty O-Doul (2 time batting champ) - PLayed in 40 games for the Yankees between 1919 and 1922

CF- George Halas (NFL Hall-of-Fame) - Played in 12 games in 1919

RF- Paul Waner (Hall-of-Fame) - Played in 10 games in 1944-45

SP- Stan Covelski (Hall-of-Fame) - Pitched in 12 games in 1928

Burleigh Grimes (Hall-of-Fame) - Pitched in 10 games in 10 games in 1934

Dazzy Vance (Hall-of-Fame) - Pitched in 10 games over two seasons (1915, 1918)

RP-  JIm Konstanty (1950 MVP) - Pitched in 62 games between 1954-56



Mar 01

fair point, Paul.

Jeter was indeed a lousy defender, but, in no way, due to a lack of desire or of effort.

however, a lack of defensive range at the shortstop position

might not be analogous to poor performance at an outfield corner.

we've all seen Stanton fail to get to balls that a healthy athlete with reasonable footspeed and eyesight would glove.

Soto's deficiencies in the field might be due to different deficiencies than those of Stanton or Jeter

(apologies for deviating from your chosen topic. I've a tendency to deviate)


Alan B.
Alan B.
Mar 01

What about Ivan Rodriguez, playing in 33 games for the 2008 Yankees?

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Mar 01
Replying to

This is the pre-1980 list. Rodriguez is on the one linked above.


Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
Mar 01

Can't remember if I said this before, but Paul Waner is my go-to guy for the Yankee-Career Whatever/HoF box on Immaculate Grid.

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Mar 01
Replying to

I haven't done the IG in a long time... Good to be reminded...


Mar 01

Free Friday: Jeterating (Again)

Joe Blog

Joe Posnansk

Other shortstops who are more or less in their league defensively—Roy McMillan (plus-509), Jack Wilson (plus-505), Luis Aparicio (plus-448), Joe Tinker (plus-442) and so on. Mark Belanger (plus-392).

And at the bottom, well, here you go:

  1. Jimmy Rollins, minus-434

  2. Larry Bowa, minus-404

  3. Jose Reyes, minus-346

  4. Leo Cardenas, minus-302

  5. Edgar Renteria, minus-300

Those five kind of stand apart defensively. I hate to see Rollins there, but the numbers are the numbers. Rollins’ range fell off a lot after he turned 30, as tends to happen to most shortstops, but in truth he never had great range. There’s more to defense than just range factor, of course—this is simple, back-of-the-envelope math—and by more advanced…

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Mar 01
Replying to

What does this have to do with anything related to the article's topic?


Because this is off topic, I'm not going to debate this here, but I will make a (long) response.

I love Posnanski's writings. He's an outstanding writer. He's one of the best. He is also someone who often writes about how much he hates the Yankees. And, he's been writing stuff like this about Jeter for decades. So he cites these stats against Jeter. Ok. Jeter was a bad fielder. Fair enough.

World Championships

Ozzie Smith - 1 World Series

Luis Aparacio - 1 World Series

Robin Yount - 0 World Series

Cal Ripken - 1 World Series

Derek Jeter - 5 World Series.

Jeter won…

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