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Looking At The Yankees' 2024 TV Schedule

by Paul Semendinger

April 12, 2024


I have complained, a lot, about the fact that it can be difficult to find the Yankees on TV with all of the streaming and other networks taking games away from YES.

I did a quick Internet search and found the following. To help all fans, here is a printable version of the Yankees TV Schedule.

After looking at the schedule, I have good news...

I am shocked to say that it's not as bad as it was last year - and, believe it or not, YES has the vast majority of the Yankees games going forward.

There are 149 games to go in the 2024 season. Of those games, 120 will be on YES. 80% of the Yankees games will be in one spot. Terrific! (Or, at least, very good!)

Here's a breakdown of the other providers:

Prime = 20 games

ESPN = 4 games

FOX = 4 games

Apple-TV = 1 game

Some other quick notes on the schedule:

First the bad news: From May 1 until the All-Star Break, Yankees fans without Prime will not see the team on TV on a Wednesday night. Never. Not once. If you are a fan, and Wednesdays are the nights you can watch the team - tough luck. You lose.

Otherwise, here is a month-to-month breakdown:

For the rest of April, YES will have 17 of the next 18 games.

May: 23 of 28 games on YES (every game, except on Wednesdays)

June: 17 of 27 games on YES. Fox has 3 games, ESPN 2 games, Apple-TV has one game and the others are on Prime.

July: 18 of 24 games on YES. Prime has 4 games (not just Wednesdays), Fox has one and ESPN has one.

August: 21 of 26 games on YES. Prime has 4 games, ESPN has one game

September: 24 of 26 games on YES. Prime has two games.

This seems a lot better than last year when the Yankees seemed to be all over the place.

I'd like 100% of the games to be on YES, but 80% isn't terrible. I'm not happy about the Prime games, but, I guess, it could be worse.

Here is my brilliant idea going forward, on the games the Yankees play on Prime, and Apple-TV, they should wear a Prime or Apple-TV patch, instead of the Starr Insurance patch. That way, it'll always be clear which network was broadcasting the game.


9 comentários

13 de abr.

Other than the 20 games on Prime..... what is there to complain about?


Chris D.
Chris D.
13 de abr.

When you're on disability living on 1000$ / mo... and you give 125-150$ of that so you can watch the Yankees games, Chronic Degenerative Back Arthritis 😩, and COPD, late stage,😕,.. but the Yankees are poor and need more of my money 💰 💵??!!, so now after all that, i still can't watch Every game 😡,???,


13 de abr.

Why not have the Prime and Apple TV games simulcast on YES. That way the YES audience that does not carry Apple or Prime don't have to miss a game, and fans who don't have YES, but have Prime and Apple can still see the game. It's terribly unfair for fans who pay extra for YES, have to pay another fee to watch a game not on YES.

Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
13 de abr.
Respondendo a

Because $$$. Apple and Prime games are only in the Yankee television market. If you are out-of-market, you have to subscribe to MLB TV, and MLB isn't going to let anyone take a nickel out of their pockets. The Apple/Prime scheme is designed solely to screw YES subscribers.


13 de abr.

How I miss the days when EVERY Yankee game was on Channel 11 (WPIX) before cable TV was invented, AND we were entertained by broadcast legend Mel Allen and the hilariously entertaining Phil Rizzuto. And when cable TV started, it was still MOSTLY WPIX, and the games that were NOT on WPIX were on that one cable channel. Definitely not the mess of so many different cable channels the games are spread all over today.

Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
13 de abr.
Respondendo a

Did you enjoy holding on to the rabbit ears in a contorted position to get the reception?

I also have to say that as a teen-age boy, I really appreciated Channel J.


12 de abr.

Wednesdays will be all about dancing

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
13 de abr.
Respondendo a

This is classic!

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