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My (other) Quarantine Team

Let’s assume for a moment that Major League Baseball figures out a way to hermetically seal the players, start play and turn baseball into the only fun thing to pay attention to. Of course, we are all going to watch every inning of every Yankee game including (if they are televised) every pre-game pitch and swing.

But this won’t be enough to distract us from the misery of the day. We’ll all need something else. And I for one, am considering adding a temporary Quarantine Team to root for in order to help pass the time. (Once things get back to normal, I will summarily dump them of course. It’s Yankees all the way. The Yankees and just the Yankees.)

The obvious choice for me to pick would be the Mets given that they do play in New York City. But I just can’t bring myself to root for the Mets.

The AL East teams are out, for obvious reasons.

I can’t bring myself to care about the AL Central.

In the West, I hate the Angels, and the As, other than their GM, are boring. The Astros are evil and I don’t care about the Mariners and Rangers.

So the AL is out.

In the NL West… I can’t root for the Dodgers. I just don’t like Manny Machado, so the Padres are out. And the other three teams in the West I don’t care about.

The NL Central offers little hope for me as well. The Cubs are run by an ex Rod Sox GM so I can’t root for them. In theory, the Brewers are plucky but I think that rooting for them would be depressing. And I have enough of that going on. The rest of the division, I don’t care about.

So we’re down to the NL East. The Phillies have Harper, who I can’t stand. The Nationals are cool but it would seem a bit too easy to root for the defending champs. So I’m going with the Braves. It’s a storied franchise and Ronald Acuna Jr. is one of the most exciting young players in the game. They won the division last year and should be competitive.

So … go Braves!

Who is your Quarantine Team?

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