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My Thoughts on Some Twitter (X) Posts (7/8/24)

By Paul Semendinger

July 8, 2024


MY THOUGHTS - The Yankees are paying a ton of money to not win World Series. If I were the Yankees owner, this would not be acceptable. At some point, the GM has to own his decisions. The rosters Brian Cashman have built have not been good enough to win the championship year-after-year-after-year.

The Yankees like to tout the fact that they've been over .500 for decades. That's nice. Good for them. The owner isn't paying for .500. At least if I were paying that kind of money I wouldn't be paying for .500. It simply isn't good enough. At all.

This is like paying Ritz Carlton prices for a Howard Johnson's motel. The HoJo's might be nice enough, but it sure isn't worth the price you're paying.

MY THOUGHTS - This is Aaron Boone defending the indefensible. There is a perception that Boone will not discipline his players. All followers of this team have seen numerous examples (for years) of players not hustling and still getting playing time - with no repercussions for their behaviors and lack of effort.

Boone defending Trent Grisham in this manner doesn't help Boone's reputation, fair or not. To me it's a bad look and it makes Boone look weak.

MY THOUGHTS - Think about all the great players who came up as Yankees, and Ben Rice is the first (and only) player to ever do this. Amazing. Good for him.

But, this does not mean that Rice is a star, or a future star, or anything. It means he had a great game. As fans, we tend to see a good game, or a good week, or a good month and then extrapolate that to mean bigger and better things. Many fans have said, "Well, Rice now owns first base for the rest of the year. That problem was solved." Let's not, yet, make any such claims.

Ben Rice might be an excellent hitter. He might be terrific. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Quick Quiz - What do Cody Ross, Cliff Johnson, Kevin Mench, Kevin Elster, and Aaron Boone have in common with Ben Rice?

Answer - They all hit three homers in a game. (Remarkably, Boone did it twice.)

MY THOUGHTS - This is amazing. What a photo!

MY THOUGHTS - The Yankees' play over the last few weeks demonstrates that this isn't just a team in a slump, it's a team that is lost. They get very little quality pitching. Except for rare days when the offense explodes, more often it is also lifeless. This is bad. There is no sugar coating it.

MY THOUGHTS - Does Brian Cashman and/or Hal Steinbrenner have the strength (or guts) to make the big splash and fire Boone? If they do, who legitimately could come in a "right" the ship?

I just wrote an article for the IBWAA with a review of every Yankees manager since Miller Huggins. No manger in Yankees history has managed more games without reaching a World Series than Aaron Boone. Ever. Since the beginning of the franchise... 1903.

MY THOUGHTS - It's not a good look... The obvious question to ask Mr. Boone is, "You keep saying the same thing, but what are you going to do differently to help turn this team around?"

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Cashman and Boone will not be fired mid-season.... if anyone is fired, it will be Boone in the off-season. Cashman will remain unless he decides to step down..... The real truth is Hal is one of the worst owners in MLB!

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09 lug

It is torches and pitchforks time.

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Edwin Ng
Edwin Ng
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WOW!!! That's a great a shot of Yankee stadium back in 1923. I missed the old stadium although it was renovated in the mid 70's. When it reopened in 1976 it still had that charm and the ghost of Yankee legends past roaming onto the field. They should have never torn down the old stadium. The mystique and the tradition will never be the same.

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Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
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I agree. It definitely lacks the charm of the two stadiums before it. But at least the frieze is back where it belongs, which gives the newest incarnation of Yankee Stadium much more of a resemblance to the 1923-1973 stadium, especially the view from the outfield looking towards home plate. From that viewpoint, the frieze lining the upper deck is the most noticeable feature, just as it was when you stood in the outfield or in the bleacher seats behind it and looked towards home plate, be it 1950 in the oldest version, or 2024 in the newest version of Yankee Stadium.

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Looking from a different perspective one could say that Aaron Boone has somehow managed to have a winning record with the flawed rosters he is given to manage each year. In 2024 he has 2 hitters and no ace for over a 1/3 of the season, and had his team reach 50 wins before any another team. He may not be casey stengle, but he is also not the main problem.

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Alan B.
Alan B.
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I think everyone can agree that if Boone was replaced by ----------, not much would've changed. What I fear is that if Cashman would ever replace Boone during the season, that guy would have more latitude to do what he wanted, just in an attempt for Cashman to cover his behind.

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Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
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I strongly doubt that Boone and Cashman will be let go midseason. Hal doesn't operate that way. His dad certainly did. Not Hal. If he does move on from one or both of those guys, it would definitely be in the off season, after this season is over.

I am not in favor of the Yankees moving on from Boone midseason, because truthfully, that would make things worse right now. One thing that can't be denied is that Boone is very popular amongst his players, probably to a fault, because he may not be as critical of lackadaisical play as he should be. He is especially popular with them because of the way he gets himself ejected arguing with umpir…

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