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QH and About Last Night: Yanks Win!

By Paul Semendinger

May 26, 2024


(This will serve as the Quick Hit and the 6:00 a.m. Sunday Game Recap)

The Yankees squared off against the San Diego Padres again last night.

About Last Night - The Yankees started off strong. Anthony Volpe singled. Juan Soto got out. But then, Aaron Judge homered. Judge now is tied for the league lead in homers. Whatever that slow start was all about is not a problem any longer. That is very clear.

Marcus Stroman continued to deal. The Yankees' starting pitching has been out of this world amazing.

Juan Soto was perturbed, very much so, by some poor umpiring. He and the home plate ump had a lot of words, but Soto wasn't animated and wasn't thrown out of the game.

Aaron Judge doubled to start the fourth inning. Alex Verdugo singled. With one out (on ground out from Giancarlo Stanton that went 7 inches), Anthony Rizzo lined a single to score Judge for the Yankees' third run. Gleyber Torres then hit a sac fly to make it 4-0.

I started to wish for a rain shortened game because of the threat of rain somewhere in the world. (I'm not a big fan of staying up late.) I figured 5 1/2 innings would be good enough...

This is the way it's been going for the Yankees. In the bottom of the fourth, the Padres had a leadoff triple. Marcus Stroman then pitched out of the inning without allowing the runner to score.

Soto struck out to end the fifth. The game was half over...

Stroman worked a very quick bottom of the fifth. He became my favorite Yankee of all time.

I dislike the Mayhem commercials for whatever insurance company uses them. But I hate those commercials when I'm over tired.

Quick note - the Mets are 9-22 since late April. My goodness. Yikes. The season looks over for them before Memorial Day. Yikes.

Marcus Stroman left the game after pitching six shutout innings allowing just three hits and striking out five. His ERA for the season is 2.76.

In the top of the seventh, with two outs, Oswaldo Cabrera singled and then Anthony Volpe singled. Juan Soto then walked to load the bases, but, wait, the ump called an obvious ball a strike and Soto then grounded out.

Luke Weaver came in... pitched a scoreless seventh.

He pitched the 8th too... and then with one out, he gave up a homer to Fernando Tatis, Jr.

He then walked Jurickson Profar... but then got two ground outs to end the inning.

Midnight struck... the 9th inning arrived.

The Padres pitcher Enyel De Los Santos worked a slow top of the ninth. He gave up two hits, but the Yankees failed to score.

Clay Holmes then locked down the win in the 9th.

Quick Stats -

  • WP - Marcus Stroman

  • LP - Dylan Cease

  • SV - Clay Holmes

  • Yankee Homers: Aaron Judge,

  • Aaron Judge doubled for his 900th career hit

The Big Story - The Yankees continue to win games. They are HOT. The team is now 37-17 a remarkable 20 games over .500.


Player of the Game - Marcus Stroman


Notable Performances - The Yankees keep winning. They've been amazing.


Better to Forget - Nothing to forget. I can be critical, but, come on. The Yankees are 11-2 over their last 13 games. If not for a bad ninth inning earlier in the week, they'd be 12-1 in that period. Just amazing.


My Take - I dislike staying up past midnight. But I always enjoy a nice clean easy Yankees win.


Next Up - The Yankees play at 4:10 p.m. today. Clarke Schmidt gets the call. Then, on Memorial Day, the Yankees... are off? I'll never understand. Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day - these used to be traditional days for day baseball. Every team played. I'm too young to remember when there were doubleheaders on holidays, but now on many of these holidays there are no games at all.

THE OWNERS: A Short One Scene Play

(A large office building's conference room in New York City. A group of very wealthy men sitting around a large conference table.)

Baseball Owner 1: "We take more and more games away from the fans and yet, attendance is going down and our sport is losing popularity. I can't understand why."

Baseball Owner 2: "Right. It makes no sense."

Baseball Owner 3: "Maybe if we add imaginary runners every inning, people will care more."

Baseball Owner 4: "Let's speed up the pitch clock. Make it 3 seconds between pitches."

Baseball Owner 5: "How about only two outs per inning?"

Baseball Owner 6: "How's this? Let's have no games on any weekends. That'll work!"

The Collection of Owners: "YES!!! That will work!"

(Curtain closes)


May 26

who caught the conversation between Michael and Paul on the broadcast last night about Babe setting a record in, i believe, 1921, that Judge is on pace to demolish?

I thought i would remember what they were talking about, but at the moment I do not. it could not have been total bases, could it? Babe was like 447 or 457, something in that range, and Judge is on pace for 511

gotta imagine it is not possible to keep that up all year, but it is pretty crazy at the 1/3rd mark anyway

Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
May 26
Replying to

It was about total bases. Ruth had 457 in 1921. Judge is on pace for 369, less than the 391 he had in his MVP season two years ago. IIRC, what Kay and O'Neill were talking about was Judge's TB rate over the last 20 games. Adding in last night, over the last 21 games, Judge has 75 TBs, which over 162 games would be 579 TBs. It's basically just pointing out how ridiculously good Judge has been this month.


May 26

I was thinking the same thing about being 12-1

my thoughts went a bit deeper.

if not for TWO infield hits and a seeing eye blooper in one inning the Yanks would be 12-1

also, you should be giving more love to Holmes for getting you to bed in ONLY 7 pitches to get the final 3 outs

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
May 26
Replying to

True. By then I was just waiting for the outs so I could get to sleep.


May 26

I'm old enough to remember traditional double headers or at least a full schedule of games on Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day. Never mind holidays, a typical weekend was Friday night, Saturday afternoon and two on Sunday. There were also twinight DHs during the week sometimes. I'm afraid that all of that is gone for good. Nowadays if they even deign to play two (Ernie Banks is rolling in his grave) its a split-admission day-night DH. The bean counters and Wall St sociopaths that own ball clubs these days would rather sell their grandchildren into slavery than give the fans two games for the price of one. And the ridiculous modern pitcher usage patterns make DHs extremely difficult to…


May 26

Baseball Player 1: " My gramps was a baseball player/ The money was lousy, but it was only only six months out of the year. And he only played when it wasn't raining and the sun was shining."

Baseball Player 2: " Well, the money is still pretty lousy. I'm only making $8 million this year and my agent says that I deserve much more. I figure to be a free agent after this season and, if I can hit ,260 in night games, Colorado might pay $16M.

Means I'll have to train hard all off-season. might have to play winter ball."


May 26

"I started to wish for a rain shortened game because of the threat of rain somewhere in the world. (I'm not a big fan of staying up late.) I figured 5 1/2 innings would be good enough..."

I don't like that I live so far away from Yankee Stadium, and all the cable channels and radio stations that broadcast Yankee games, and that I live in "Dodger territory". But the ONE advantage to being a Yankee fan in California. The "late games" aren't so late. Those games on the East Coast that end after midnight.....end after 9 PM here. And games here on the West Coast start at 7:30 PM or 8:00 PM.....Not 10:30 PM or 11:00 PM. Oh…

May 27
Replying to

The bad part is being so far away from Yankee Stadium, and of course, only being able to watch games on TV (instead of following each game pitch-by-pitch on Gameday, on when they are "nationally televised" by ESPN, FOX, or another network, or on the Angels and Dodgers local broadcasts, when the Yankees play series against those two teams.

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