• Paul Semendinger

QUICK HIT: Astros 5, Yankees 0

by Paul Semendinger

October 22, 2022


I'll have a lot more tomorrow at 10:00 with my Perspectives piece.

Tim Kabel will have the Game Summary at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.

But, for now, the Yankees managed all of one hit through 8 2/3 innings. They went down without a fight.

Remember when we were told, day-after-day, how they had a plan? This was the year they'd win in October. "Load management." "We got Bader for the postseason where he'll be the difference maker." "It's okay that we lost home field advantage." "Losing game-after-game for months doesn't matter."

"WHAT YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT," the Yankee apologists yelled at us, "THEY WON 99 GAMES!!!!"

Yup, that strategy worked. They're now just one game from going home early. Again.

After the 2017 ALCS, Joe Girardi was basically fired. The Yankees brought in Aaron Boone to get them to the next level.

The Yankees have won zero World Series games since that change was made.

The Yankees have also gone 14-16 in the postseason since 2017.

You know, that was some improvement...

More tomorrow.

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