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Slugging With the Sluggers (and Wilson, too)

We have exciting news to share with our SSTN audience. The Wilson Sporting Goods Company (who also owns the Louisville Slugger brand – and others) has reached out to us and formed an affiliate partnership with us.

We are now part of the Wilson Sporting Goods family!

On one hand, this will change nothing for our readers. We have worked very hard since our inception to bring our readers quality content that is free of distracting ads and popups. While we reserve a few ads on the sidebar and bottom of the page, this is to ensure we can run the blog smoothly on our business end. In order to keep the page free of distractions, we have continued to limit the numbers of affiliations and partnerships we run and have passed on countless advertising offers and programs.

Every week as we bring our readers the Saturday Links, we see that more and more web pages, sites, and blogs have filled their pages with pop-ups, egregious numbers of ads, and/or setting up paywalls. Increasingly, this has prevented us from sharing content with our readers because so much of what others write is inaccessible without a subscription. We do not do that, and have no intention of ever doing that. We want Start Spreading the News to be completely accessible to all so that a larger audience can enjoy the articles we write and publish. Our number one objective here is to write and talk about baseball and the Yankees specifically. We do this in a very different manner than almost every other blog and sports site out there.

This is why we are happy to join the Wilson Team.

Through accessing the Wilson Sporting Goods baseball pages through our link, you will be supporting the work we do here at Start Spreading the News. In this partnership, we will have advance notice of product launches across Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Evoshield, ATEC, and DeMarini. We will also be notified of special deals and sales that we can share with our readers. In addition, on occasion, we will be able to sample Wilson products to let our readers know which items seem the best for their own purchases. All of this- and hopefully even more- will be part of this new partnership.

We are honored that the Wilson Sporting Goods Company has chosen us as an affiliate. We believe this is because of the tremendous reputation we have earned in this business. We write honestly and fairly. We engage with our readers. We have a site accessible to all. We bring passion and love to what we do. We have set ourselves apart from the pack.

Running a blog as we do, with at least four posts each day, along with so many special features, takes a tremendous amount of work and energy. We do this because we love the Yankees. We love baseball. We love our readers. We have a tremendous staff of writers who give their all always to the blog and to our readers.

It’s an honor to be a member of the Wilson affiliate team.

We look forward to sharing our good fortune with all of you. And, luckily, we can!

Wilson has shared with us a link for up to 50% Off select Louisville Slugger Bats!

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