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Spring Training Has Never Been Missed More Than Now

By Derek McAdam

February 18, 2022


I have never been a fan of Spring Training. Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of Spring Training since it means that baseball is just a few weeks away from Opening Day. I’m just not a huge fan of watching the games, since they don’t necessarily have that same feeling as a regular season game. But now, it almost seems as if I would love a Spring Training more than ever before.

Just being able to see the players down in Florida or Arizona getting ready for the season is a sight I would pay to see, even if it’s on tv. The warm temperatures are beginning to reach the Mid-Atlantic, where I live, and are starting to give me the itch of watching baseball.

This lockout has been tough on the fans more than anyone. I understand that Major League Baseball has its demands and the Player’s Association has theirs, but the fans are the ones that are suffering more than anyone. After all, they are filling the stands night after night and tuning in from their homes.

It’s almost hard to believe that this lockout has gone on for only two and a half months now. To some, it may seem like no time, since other sports such as football, basketball and hockey have been on to fill that gap. I find myself in this situation.

But other times, it feels as if it has been years since the last game has been played and that this stoppage will never end. I also find myself in this situation. Some days it never crosses my mind. Other days it feels like an eternity.

I have a good feeling that a compromise is going to be reached soon. Although I have no inside knowledge, this is something I am extremely hopeful about. Someone is going to fold at some point and give in to the other side’s demands more than they want to. But it has to be done.

The players have made it clear that they want to get back to work. The owners want the same for their team. But most of all, the fans are more eager than ever to bring baseball back. Let’s hope that a compromise can be reached soon and we can begin the 2022 season as quickly as possible.

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