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SSTN Top 15 Yankee Prospects: A Deep Breath


We’ve been talking about Yankee prospects here at SSTN for a few weeks now. I thought today would be a good opportunity to catch our breath and give a quick review before we move on any further.

Posts Thus Far

Before reading all of the articles posted in this series, it’s important to first read the first article in our series, which names our Top 15 Yankee Prospects. Beyond that, all articles are listed in chronological order, so check it out:

The SSTN Top 15 Yankee Prospects

Control Vs. Command (This article isn’t specifically about Yankee prospects, but it will help you understand key elements of evaluating pitchers)

Why I Ranked Medina and Sikkema So High

Anthony Seigler’s Fall

Our Honorable Mentions

Who is Most Likely to See the Bronx in 2020

What Comes Next?

We’re not done yet with our series – far from it! Next week, you’ll hear from all of the other writers who participated on a variety of topics. We’ll begin next Monday by talking about some of the most divisive prospects in the system – see if you can guess who we’ll be talking about based on our individual rankings in the first article of the series!

From there, we’ll get into the meat of what everyone wants to talk about: the cream of the crop. We’ll all devote some space to the top prospects in our rankings. While we all arranged the top prospects in slightly different orders, we all basically agree on the prospects who made the top 3.

Thanks for tuning in so far, and we’ve got plenty more to come!

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