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Sunday Afternoon Activity: The Best Fictional Baseball Players of All-Time

Of all the fictional baseball players portrayed in the movies, my favorite is the great Roy Hobbs.

As I watched clips from the movie The Natural, I thought it might be fun to create an all-time all-star team of the greatest fictional players who ever “played.”

I have a number of ideas for who I’d put on my team. In addition to Hobbs, I’d have to have Snoopy at shortstop, and although he didn’t win much, Charlie Brown would also make my pitching staff. Also, even though he once struck out in the biggest game of the year, Casey would also find a way onto my team. (I don’t know if I Don’t Know would play third base, but he’d get careful consideration…)

But, rather than me dominating this conversation, I figured that it might be fun for us to create a team together. Please add your thoughts to the comments and forward this link to all your baseball fan friends so they can offer their suggestions as well. I’ll re-fresh and re-run this post as often as necessary to keep the conversation going – maybe even over a few days.

Let’s see which players make the team:

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