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The Tuesday Discussion (All Day Long) – My Favorite Home Run (Andy Singer)

Sometimes, when the SSTN Tuesday Discussion rolls around, I try to be either a tad contrarian, or take “the road less traveled” with my recollections and analysis. Other times, it’s just impossible. This is one of those times.

There are two Yankee home runs that stand out to me very vividly, but my favorite is Aaron Boone’s shot to send the Yankees to the World Series in 2003 is my favorite. I was 14 years old, sitting in my kitchen with my father watching the game on pins and needles. Dad and I each had our own rituals to satisfy the Baseball Gods as we hoped the Yankees would come back against a Pedro-led Red Sox team. I put on my favorite rally cap after Giambi’s homer in the bottom of the 7th inning (shark fin is the only way to go when the game is really on the line), and Dad started a crossword puzzle. We leaped from our chairs when the heart of the Yankee lineup tied it up against Pedro, but the best was yet to come.

At 14 years old, the Yankees were just about as important to me as anything in life (I guess not much has changed…). I couldn’t imagine being more nervous as Boone stepped to the plate against Wakefield to lead-off the bottom of the 11th. I firmly secured my shark fin, and while I’m not certain, I can guess that the point of Dad’s pencil had dulled. As Boone made contact, Dad and I shouted together at the ball to stay fair. I’ll never forget the feeling of pure elation I felt as Dad and I celebrated in our kitchen as we watched the ball sail around the foul pole and deep into the LF seats. It may have been a school night, but neither of us really cared about how much noise we made as we watched the Yankees flood the field. The Yankees were back in the World Series, and best of all, “The Curse” remained intact for another year.

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